Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas With a Capital C

I heard about this video this morning. It's too cute. I was singing along and I don't even know the words....and I love the point they are making. Enjoy!


Sue @ Praise and Coffee said...

That is great!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Toknowhim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I see (or least it appears that way) that you have 3 boys too. I also see that you went to Deeper Still in Nashville, me too (with my best buddy), and that you adore Beth Moore ...that's 3 for 3. I will definitely have to stop by again...

Profbaugh said...

Love, love, love it Fran. Thanks.


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Oh well love GO FISH here at our house. Have you heard "The 10 Commandment Boogie"? You need these CDs!


Shonda said...

I enjoyed it as much today as I did when I got it in my email last week. It seems people today are less tolerant and less respectful of one another now. (Or am I just more cognizant?)

Any how-- Merry Christmas!

Blessings in Christ--

Joanne said...


I LOVED IT! I want to put it on my blog...HELP!?!? How do I do it?

Love you my arkansas/tennessee galfriend!


Alana said...

Love it!!!! And AMEN!

BethAnne said...

YAY! You ARE a computer genius. Now could you help me out a little? hahahahah

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