Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am the worst wife today...and I'm laughing about it

My hubs just walked past me and said, "This was my dinner tonight..."

1.A peanut butter sandwich before kids basketball practice(we had no jelly or turkey for a better sandwich)

2.Two waffles (after kids basketball practice and me and Dylan ate finely at mexican restaurant)

3.And a prepackaged thingy of blueberry muffins while watching Boston Legal.

That's not nice y'all. We are dying laughing though. The sad thing is I have been to Wal-mart, Target, Kroger, and Walgreens every day and yet we have nothing of substance.

At least we can laugh. Oh yeah, and he's come down with some crud in his head and we have no medicine either. WHATS WRONG HERE PEOPLE????


jennyhope said...

this is so funny!!!!Low carb diet huh?

Profbaugh said...

Oh my!! Unfortunately, I'm afraid my hubby can relate all too well. We really are "sisters in Christ" in more ways than one.

Much Love,

Ang baylis said...

I know exactly what you mean, I had a craving for vegetables and fruit yesterday! I thought about what I had been eating. I hope today is a better day!
Angie xoxo

Sue @ Praise and Coffee said...

LOL! That describes some days around here too!!

Toknowhim said...

Let's see, the past couple of times I have visited your blog I find we have more and more in common. Waffles are cereal have been my life savers in a pinch for my family... Blessings!!

Patty said...

You are so funny!!! I don't like to grocery shop at all but I did go to Kroger and bought ham and turkey and buffalo chicken at their deli to have in case of I don't feel like cooking tonight!!

It was so warm yesterday that we grilled out chicken!! I made my cheesy/bacon potatoes and garlic bread and that was it!

You have made me hungry for mexican food now and I am so blessed to live near one of the best mexican restaurants in town!

Have you ever seen the commercial where the mom calls her children to dinner and they run downstairs and go outside to get in the van?
That is my family. Drive Thru...how awful am I? :o)

Charity said...

Hey there! I missed you guys too! I am moved in, but everything is a WRECK!! One day at a time. How was your move? Good I hope!

I just got caught up on your blog! You are so stinkin' precious!! Don't feel bad about the whole supper thing! Getting settled in takes time! I have only cooked one meal since we moved and it was a roast in the crock-pot and that really doesn't count as "cooking" since all I did was throw everything in there and plug it in! Ha!

Thanks for thinking of me! You are truly a blessing to me!

annie said...

I have Pizza Hut's number memorized if you need it. I can't tell you how many times we have been there with you. We actually get tired of eating out and crave some home cooking like our local cafeteria??? How pitiful is that! Thank you for stopping by annie's eyes and telling me the meaning of your name==you are free indeed in Him! love you, annie

Alana said...

That sounds like a scene out of my life (or my husband's rather) this week as well. He is a good sport about it, too.

So funny!

BethAnne said...

I dont think it is funny - I think it sounds just like my house. I cannot tell you how many times my husband has said "What's for supper?" To which I reply "What do you want?' He then says "What are my choices?" TO which I reply "Peanut butter and jelly, Ramen noodles, or grilled cheese."
I go to Wal-Mart almost everyday, why do we never have food? Must be some sort of disconnect between health & beauty aids and the grocery department that makes us forget what in the world we are doing (that's my story anyway).

Joanne said...


I just love you to pieces! Your transparancy is a breath of fresh air. My hubby and children had one night of turkey sandwiches and two nights of leftover lasagna. I finally just threw some chili in the crockpot.

Oh Lord help us prioritize these next few weeks!!!

Love you friend, Joanne

Teri said...

I have no excuse for not making dinner...I just plain didn't feel much like it.
Yesterday I had the day off and my plan was to get all of my house work done before Zoe had to go to school and when she left I would start scrapbooking a gift I am giving someone...so, I ran into my boys room to gather a load of laundry and found the surface of everything looked fine but there was stuff shoved behind and between everything...so I tore apart their room and decided to make their beds bunk beds again...literally 5 hours later I came up for air, just about the time I had to run to work for a little singing gig, then when I came home with a pizza my family all cheered! (Check out how long/run on that sentence is...it HAS to be a record!)

Anyway, hope dinner is better tonight...especially for hubs!
Love ya,

Patty said...

I got your card today!!! I LOVE it and who doesn't look beautiful in U.T. Orange. :o) I have put it in my living room! Thank you for thinking of me.


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Oh, this sounds like us too!! Especially this week. :)

Tis the season!


Jailynn said...

First time here. I love your entries. They are sooo real!

I can totally relate to this entry. I always wonder how it could be that I have been places that sell food, but leave with snacks or something ...

Merry Christmas!

marina said...

Fran, I don't like grocey shopping eighter. and I haven't cook in awhile the hoildays still have me kind of mess up.blessing,marina

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