Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jesus "action" figure

Somewhere I read about family traditions at Christmas and to be honest I had to think a little bit. There is much we do together during December, but to think about a tradition caused me to think deep. What do we do year after year that would be considered a tradition???

I will say that my DNA is made up of some strong service genes. I love thinking about how we, the body, are all made up so differently with different gifts. When working together, we can bring others closer in their walk with Jesus. We might even be the first glimpse of Jesus these people ever have! What a thought! If you ever just think about the differences in humanity you can get blown away. Boy! God knew what He was doing, huh?! We all have gifts and a purpose.

The body is defined as the physical part of a person and also a group working as a unit. Think about it....a GROUP working as a UNIT. I love it.

Thank you Jesus for the differences in the wonderful body. Let it bless us and not divide us. May we have the eyes and heart to see your beautiful body living at its potential!

Today, my 2nd son, Tyler's 4th grade class, went to RIFA. RIFA stands for Regional Inter-Faith Association. It started 31 yrs ago by a group of pastors to help people who are without jobs and are in need food, clothing, etc. Today, they take care of the working poor, the homeless, and anyone that is of need. RIFA provides EVERYTHING, to the best that they can, for those with a need. One piece to their puzzle is the Snack Backpack program for elementary school children. Let me explain this fantastic puzzle piece....

The schools began to see that children were coming to school on Monday morning very hungry. Teachers learned that these children had not much, if anything, to eat over the weekend at their homes. So, with donations, RIFA puts together a "backpack" once a week for these 250 children to take home EVERY Friday. This, my friends, is one beautiful example of the body of Christ at work. Here are some of the kids assembling the backpacks for the children.....

You see, some people want to shop for the food to bring. Some people will be able to take the time to sort through the food. Some people will want to fill the backpacks. Some people want to load the backpacks into the proper place for the school to pickup. Some can give a lot of time. Some can give only a little bit of time. Some might not be able to give anything of time, but they can give money to buy the food for the backpack But, in all of this, there is one most important similarity.....


When we are able to do what God calls us to matter how much or how little... God doesn't see size....we can be Jesus to others. We can be Jesus to others and maybe they didn't even see who did all the work. Sometimes our work is behind the scenes. Sometimes our work is with our hands and feet right there with the people.

I love it all!! I want to serve and show Jesus to anyone I can. Because, Jesus transformed my heart and life, I want others to see the hope that comes from only Him. He heals. He restores. He loves. He saves. He provides. He is faithful. He is merciful. He can do anything with anyone! HALLELUJAH!

One tradition my family can count on in December is being Jesus with skin on to many people. I want my kids to be hands on for Him. I want them to be involved from beginning to end with a family we might support at Christmas, a mission, or a project of some kind. They won't just buy the gift. We will find scripture for that family and their circumstance. We will pray daily for them. We will deliver the gifts as a family if we are able. We will see it from beginning to end. WHY?

This will make a difference as they grow older. I want them to be servants for Jesus and growing His kingdom. It needs to be something they feel, see, and hear. Here are Tyler and his classmates being hands on and making a difference in the Kingdom....

Y'all the body of Christ is the most beautiful thing to me. I pray that I am not angered or frustrated when I don't think people are doing what they should be doing.
God convicted of me this recently and I pray for the body to be using the gifts HE gave them. Not the gifts that I think they have.

The Message says this in 1 Corinthians 12:4, "God's various gifts are handed out everywhere; but they all originate in God's Spirit."

So, if your gift is service, wisdom, teaching, preparing, etc. The gift is from God and when we work and operate together in unity, we are a beautiful body in action.

My child experienced action today as he put his hands and feet and heart to help others. I pray that you, during Christmas, will experience the fullness of serving and showing the love of Christ to others. And, that will look different for each of us. And, thank you Lord that it is!

And finally, boys wouldn't be boys if they weren't allowed to jump in a giant box and stomp the trash down! Have a joyful, loving, giving Christmas. May Jesus shine brightly for others to see Him through your family.

Love you all! Be a Jesus Action Figure this Christmas!!


Profbaugh said...


What a wonderful post and a good reminder for all of us just HOW the body of Christ should work. I love your pictures--the one of the boys in the box is precious!! And you're planting wonderful seed in your family by creating this type of Christmas tradition. Thank you for sharing your "heart" with me. Trust me it's one of the most beautiful things I've seen today!!!

Much love,

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I LOVE the backpack idea! What a great way to love on those precious little ones. So neat that your boys got to help put them together. Can't you just see those little children opening them up over the weekend? I pray that they feel Jesus everytime they reach in for a snack.


I love the stompin' trash picture. That really looks fun. :)

Hillary said...

At first when I saw your title I thought you were going to talk about the Jesus doll I heard about on the news. Apparently it quotes scripture and things like that. Interesting! But your post was even better! What a great message! You're so right...sometimes I think people should do a certain thing just b/c I think they should. Who do I think I am? Clearly God has His Spirit at work and I certainly don't want to get my flesh in the way of that!

Cute pics, by the way!

Toknowhim said...

Just wanted you to know that my "Know & Tell" meme is up for this week. I have to come back and read your post when I get a chance. It looks good!!

connorcolesmom said...

I love the pictures and the reminder of how to serve and love others for Him!
YOu are just a blessing!
Love ya,

BethAnne said...

What a wonderful way for your kids to learn what it means to serve. Most kids today have no idea how great they have it - seeing that others dont have such easy lives and helping them is the best lesson any kid can learn.

Joanne said...


Thanks so much for this great post.

I am on my way out to drive with my sons' class to a local food bank. I have been so hurried this morning that I was losing my joy. Fran, you helped me get that back.

In Him my friend, Joanne

Abby said...

hahaha i love a jesus action figure!!

you have the sweetest heart, and i can't wait to hug your neck in august!! :)

those pictures are precious of those kids all using their gifts to help others!! ...and i love that verse from the message...i'm going to look up that chapter..

Bev Brandon said...

Comments are supposed to be 1-2 sentences but I feel a comment coming on! Breaking blog rules over here...Fran, you so have the gift of SERVING…my husband does too….and it is such a PRIVILEGE to be around people like you whose heart beats for what is on God’s heart. Just loved seeing these photos and experiencing a taste of what you did. Thank you, Fran. You’re a beautiful young lady who takes risks and moves into many people’s hearts. And God uses you to do Isaiah 61:1-3 – He’s all over you your Sovereign God. And He is using you to bind up the brokenhearted, people like me. To preach good news to the poor. And to proclaim freedom to captives. He is using you! It is my privilege to have bumped on to your blog this year and be forever touched by my good God and my new friend, His servant. Titus 1:1 – you are His servant for the knowledge of the Truth that leads to changed lives! Love you so much, Bev

Teri said...

Rock on girl! Love love love it! Live to Give and Live to Love! It is our motto too!

Kristin said...

What a great way for your son to get to serve. I am always trying to think of ways for my children to get to be an active part of showing Christ to others. It makes such an impact on them when they can see the impact they can have on others. My daughter's first grade class went and sang Christmas songs at a retirement home last week. She was not thrilled with going, but I explained what joy she could bring to these people just by being there. When we got there I watched her sing with a big smile on her face. The older people were so happy and singing and dancing along. When we left she said "that was fun mommy, I'm glad we could show Jesus love to them." She felt joy because she could see thier joy, too!
Blessings to you ~ Kristin

He Knows My Name said...

fran, this is so awesome. you are one special mom who is so blessed with such a good heart. you truly are a Jesus action figure and growing 3 more.

blessings from michigan the blizzard state


Bev Brandon said...

We just got our 123rd sponsor for the orphans. You know, I have only personally met 7 of the 123 sponsors---they all came from the LPM blog. That is just unbelievable! Your great card came today and I LOVED the note on the back of the card...will send wristband real soon...LOL

marina said...

Fran these is a good post!! In my son school we have to put a shoe box together that will go to people who are sick with adis.We are alos to put a scripture in it I haven up with with one,and I really don't know what to put if it where a women I could but nice lotions but what if its a man.??
Pray that I can fine something to that will touch there soul.marina

Alana said...

That is a beautiful sight. What a wonderful service to the community. Your love for Jesus is inspiring to me.

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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