Friday, January 18, 2008

Well, its Friday and it will be a two-day post-er I believe. I'm going to do "God Stop" Friday first and then this afternoon i'll throw in some "Know and Tell" that I have wanted to do for weeks. I'm wild that way!! Hee hee

Ok, let's back up and say "THANK YOU" for your sweet, kind, heartfelt words about our new house. You don't know how much that blessed me. This was a local move for us so we didn't have to go into the depths of change with schools, churches, or finding new friends, etc. But, I thought of that kind of move many times during our own move, and simply said, "thank you Lord for this simple move!" Simple? Yes. it. was. It was a move lead by God and therefore it was good. Ok, thank you!

Now....this is a fun, fun, crazy, small world kind of God Stop for y'all on this Friday. Well, loooooooonnnnnngggggg story short. Last Friday, I "met" a girl through my own personal blog. She had found me through Leigh's blog and left a comment about last Friday's "God Stop Friday"

post. Well, the crazy thing was, she thought that she knew the girl I was talking about in my hallelujah moment with Jesus. Ok.......hmmmmmm.......this is completely nuts!

So, she and I began emailing and low and behold she used to live in the same town I currently live in and we know several of the same people. And, YES! We were praying for the same girl!!!Ok......hmmmmmmmm......this is nuts!

Well, her old church, here in town, does a monthly womens night and I was planning on going bc I love the speaker that they were bringing in. I mentioned the womens night to "anonymous," AKA Teresa, and she told me how bad she wanted to go, but couldn't bc of her daughter's basketball game. Did I say she is only 40 minutes from where i live?! Ok.....hmmmmmmm....this is nuts!

Well, Thursday morning, she emailed me to tell me that "I'm coming Thursday night!" Ok......

this is officially nuts! She's coming people and we are going to be in the same room! She and I were going to officially meet!! Try explaining this to people who don't know what a blog is!

And, wouldn't you know. Me and "anonymous," AKA Teresa, met last night at the womens event and talked like we had known each other for YEARS! She is a Godly woman who I could easily be friends with. You know....more than imaginary friends! :) You are the real deal Teresa and I'm thrilled that we know each other! She is so passionate about Jesus. I really wanted to get in the car with her drive back to her town and keep talking! (grin)

So, you never know who you'll stumble upon and meet in this world of blog friendships and she might just be right down the road.......or highway.

God is so precious to just drop this girl right in my lap. She is praying for me next weekend as I speak for the 1st time at my church's womens retreat, and I'm honored to pray for her as she speaks next week too. Nothing like the body of Christ.

"Thank you Jesus for allowing this world of blog to bring us closer to You and encourage us through new friendships in the Name of Jesus." Amen! He's totally cool isn't He?!

WOW! I'm still amazed that "anonymous" and I have met. Email me the picture that was taken last night, Teresa, and I'll add it. Hugs to my no longer imaginary friend! Your the best Teresa!



Leigh Gray said...

wow oh wow oh wow!!!! that is incredible. I have not seen Teresa for months now and beofre that it had been years and yet she was still the same, cute as wever, and made me feel as though we had just talked the other day. Love Teresa soo much!!!!!!!!

Charity said...

I would like to second that AMEN!! I thank Him everyday for my sweet bloggy friends that are such an encouragement to me!!! And you are certainly one that means so much!

That is a really cool story!
Have a GREAT day!

Darlene R. said...

That is so cool! I am looking so forward to doing that in San Antonio. I also have an amazing little bloggy story to tell. I will have to do that one day next week.

Have a great Friday!

His Girl said...

fun story!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet friend Fran! I am blessed beyond words this morning! Not only has our Lord given me the sweetest new friend, but "I got me a WORD!!!" last night!!
and Siestas! let me tell you, our friend Fran is precious, tall, thin, beautiful and her eyes dance when she talks of our Jesus! I just might have to enter this blog world after all.
Hugs to you!

Shonda said...

This way too cool! I also have made friends from blogging. And I also plan to be in San Antonio and would love to meet you.

Teresa--please enter "Blogville" as I too would like to meet you.

Blessings in Christ--

Patty said...

Fran, what a great story!!! This is a fun GodStop!! I love to watch God work and you know He was smiling the whole time and I believe he enjoyed the moment you all saw each other in person!! Sign Mr. Linky at my blog so others can visit you and read your GodStop!!!
I agree with what you said, I feel like I have known you forever. I also keep forgetting to tell you that we will coordinate our flight schedules to San Antonio so we can fly out together. I also want Kim9ConnorColesMom) to fly with us!!

Have a great weekend!!!
Love You,

Denise said...

Wow, such a great God stop.

Alana said...

That is such a wonderful story! Even blog world is small ;-)

Glad you made a new friend...wish I could hang out with you guys, too!

Earen said...

I've seen your name left in the comment section on many blogs I read, so I thought I would come & just check yours out! Not only that, but I discovered that you ALSO have 3 lovely boys. Mine are a bit smaller than yours, but maybe I can gleam some wisdom from you! I'll be back again for sure! Thanks for letting me stop by!

Joanne said...


Is that just AWESOME or what?!? I LOVE LOVE LOVE when God orchestrates these things for us. There is no such thing as coincidences...your blog has confirmed a topic that I want to write on myself.

A girl can never have enough friends, real or imaginary!

Love you! Joanne

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Oh Fran! I LOVE this.

Can you imagine what San Antonio is going to be like!! I bet we all have to replace the batteries in our cameras at least once!

I'm still praying for the retreat and just know that God is going to use you like you can't imagine!

Have a blessed weekend!

Nise' said...

How cool is that!!!!??? Wish I could go to San Antonio this summer!!

marina said...

Fran thanks for stopping by I love your new home!! and I have a chritmas room too!! same color,
thanks for your kind words.blesing marina

TammieFay said...

Isn't it just amazing what our relationship with Jesus brings to us even though we have never met? How much fun is this?!

Teri said...


Oh yeah, all that other stuff on this post is very cool too!

I will be praying for you Frannie!

Love you,

Linda said...

Would that all "anonymouses" were great. Usually they just tell you your blouse is cut too low or you shouldn't be watching "Psych." --I spoke for the first time at our women's retreat last year, as well. I'm thinking about attending "She Speaks" for speakers and writers in June--Friday I had to apologize hugely to someone I inadvertently hurt, and I have grieved my mistake all weekend. It was not gossip or a lie, but I wronged her, and I am the one who is devastated.--You might enjoy my post about girlfriends today. So glad I found your site.

Leigh Gray said...

now wait a minute - that picture was not there the first itme i left a message - you girls are just crazy...... do you think we can get teresa to San Antonio - first we have to find her a ticket to the event!!! let's do it!!

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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