Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The house!

Ok, you sweet bloggy friends....y'all have asked for pix of the new house and I'll share these with you. Please keep in mind, we aren't completely settled but we are absolutely in love with this new home. I have prayed hard in this home. I have prayed that it be the place where we "remember our memories" and where my boys will remember "growing with Jesus." So.....

the kitchen as you come through the back door....

this fun little area in the kitchen....

The den....this is where we hang out....with the infamous tv that we had a moment of silence for. ESPN never looked so good for these boys! Or looks like Disney is on now.

The living room....we'll never use it....we do when we have a lot of people over.

the holiday room....i mean dining room....and, use your imagination...

Y'all this is my favorite!! The view from the backyard and patio where I'll have my time with the Lord everyday!!!

I think you get the idea of our new home. I did take pix of my bedroom but then that felt weird so "no go" with that. :)

Have a wonderful day friends! I know we all feel the same way about this crazy thing called blog friendship, but y'all are truly dear friends and I wish you could just come over and we could all just talk and laugh and talk and laugh. I guess we'll have to wait til August huh?!



Denise said...

Such a beautiful home that God has blessed you with.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I am laughing!!! My kitchen is VERY close to the same color as yours...Are you sure we weren't twins seperated at birth!hee!hee! although I am proably older and blonder!
have a great day!
Braden, TN

Charity said...

Gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous!!! You look WAY more settled in than me, so don't worry! Everything looks GREAT! That view from your patio is a dream! What a FABULOUS place to have your quiet time! I can't wait to hear about all the things the Lord will share with you in that beautiful spot!

Have a blessed day!

His Girl said...

absolutely lovely. That's why I'm 99 percent happy for you and only 1 percent jealous. Hahaha!

Alana said...

Wow, Fran. You have a gorgeous home. I'm so happy for you. I love the little nook in the kitchen with the black distressed cabinets and the patio is just wonderful. Enjoy!

Kelly said...

Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love everything about it! It looks like you have lived there for a while - you did good getting settled in!!!

Jen said...

FRAN!!! I. Love. Your. House. I love the fireplace. I love the furniture on the back porch. I love love LOVE your kitchen! And, by the way... I just have to say one thing to you:


Have a blessed day, dear friend!


The Preacher's Wife said...

now that is one gorgeous house...i love your outside patio furniture as much as anything! :)

so happy for you!!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Fran! It's beautiful! And you are getting settled quick!!!

I LOVE that backyard and patio area!!

Thanks for sharing with us!


Darlene R. said...

What a beautiful home! I like the colors. My mom is a paint-everything-eggshell kind of person, so it has taken me awhile to overcome that. :)

I cannot wait until August! fun,fun,fun!!

Mary Lou said...

I love the patio and your seating arrangement. Would be great in the spring in my part of the world but cold right now...I live in West TN. Looks great. God is good to give you such a beautiful home. Blessings....

Patty said...

what a beautiful home! I need to come for a visit. :o)

Thank you for posting pictures!


Susan said...

I absolutely LOVE your home. But the best part is the view out the back onto your quiet time spot.

Loved it.

Given Grace said...

What a beautiful house!!! The Lord has surely blessed you and your family.

I love your porch and will now have a picture of you sitting at our Fathers feet, seeking, learning and loving in His presence. Thanks for sharing the photos.

In His Name,

jennyhope said...

yay! i love your new home!!

Ang baylis said...


It's absolutely gorgeous!
Thank you for taking the time to post the pictures! It looks like you are SO settled! I can see a lot of good memories being made there! ... and a lot of quiet times out on your patio! People in Michigan NEVER need a ceiling fan out on the patio! Enjoy, friend!

Angie xoxo

Teri said...

Frannie...I am so happy for you. Your home Gorgeous. And I love how you decorate...seriously, it is warm and inviting!

So much so that I could see myself sitting out on that patio sipping some (unsweet) tea and having a good ol conversation with one of my favorite bloggers in this history of this planet...

I am totally kidding. But seriously, YAY for all of you. may the love that makes this house a home be ever present and free flowing!
(Now I sound like a flower child...I better go to bed!)

Love ya Fran!

Toknowhim said...


I have enjoyed getting to know you through our blogs this last month... I now see you as a regular visitor... I think anyone that has 3 boys like myself has an automatic in with me, and the fact that you are a Siesta doesn't hurt either :) Ok, I love the special area in your kitchen, and your patio is awesome. What a great place to have a quiet time!!! Plus your colors rock!!

Blessings to my new bloggy siesta friend!!!

connorcolesmom said...

You have a BEE U TE FUL house!!
I just love the island being a different color and the living room and the fireplace oh I could go on and on.
May God bless you and your family as you start your life in this home and start building even more wonderful memeories!!
Much love,

He Knows My Name said...

fran, thank you for letting us in your home for a visit. it is just stunning. the colors are gorgeous and i love leather touches. the view is spectacular. i hope you see and enjoy all that God brings into your view as gifts from Him. it is going to be a place of love, memories and blessings because you have put your Lord and Savior as the head of your home. ~janel

justabeachkat said...


I can see why you're so excited. It's beautiful and I know you'll be happy there.

What's happening in August? I'm nosey.


Joanne said...


Just gorgeous. I LOVE the kitchen cabinets and the island that looks like a completely different piece of furniture. The crown moulding is beautiful. I am a big red wall fan myself. What a blessing to move into a home that is completely done to your liking. I must get on my knees and ask God's forgiveness for coveting finished rooms!

I'm curious..Why did you move in the first place? Was it because of your husband's job? Were the boys able to stay in the same schools, or was it a far move?

Simply beautiful. God is going to give you wonderful memories there friend.

Love, Joanne

BethAnne said...

It is beautful! Did you pick out that green in your kitchen or was it already there? We should be moving into our new home in April, would you mind coming over and helping me decorate? I mean we both live in the same state and all --- what is three hours between friends? hahahahahahahha
I do love your house and if we all actually could come over for a visit, you are right, there would be lots of talking and laughing! Godd thing we have an eternity for that, huh?

Linda said...

How on earth did you make it look like you've lived there for at least a year???? Your home is beautiful!

annie's eyes said...

Hi, Fran. You've been working hard. I pray God blesses you and your family in many happy memories and much joy in your most beautiful home. I know your boys are going to love that t.v. and I'd be sitting with you on the lanai looking out into the pasture. Do you have deer? I'm very happy for you and your family. Blessings, annie

Darlene R. said...

I, too, gave you The Daily Dose award! It's on my blog today. I love stopping by here!

Lindsee said...

Ummm...can I come over for a lunch date, please?! ;)

Love, love, LOVE it!!! :) I have been so behind in blog world so I've had to catch up on a lot. So glad I came here! Your house is just beautiful. I know you will enjoy it, sweet friend!! :)

And, thank you Fran, for all your prayers on my behalf! I appreciate you more than you'll ever know! Y'all blow me away!

One more thing, I am SO glad you ordered the gold plate. It will look wonderful in your new home! :)

Love ya,

P.S. Will you email me your new address so I can send it to you?!?!! Thank you, ma'am!!

Bev Brandon said...

Trying to catch up on reading blogs---been sick this week with bronchitis. My daughter just called me and thought I was Dad!

Your pictures are so delightfully darling and makes us feel like we are right there and you have lived there for a while. You've got the gift!

But you know Jesus is our home and you will create many memories in your home because your heart is so full of HIM and that's home...

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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