Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's Saturday, but I can still play along!

Question 1 How often do you get real sick?
Well, I almost hate to answer this bc what if I jinx myself....and, I know thats not true, but I am a little weird some ways.....BUT, I haven't been sick in so long that I can't remember! Maybe because I had those blasted tonsils out a few years ago and they can't trap that nasty bacteria or viruses anymore. So.....I'm a healthy girl. PTL!
Question 2Do you usually send serious or humorous greeting cards? Why?
This totally depends on "who" and "what" is going on. There is nothing funnier to me than a belly laugh greeting card....they are hard to find bc I think they are usually cute and not so much funny. But, I can also send heartfelt thoughts through a card just as easily. I can do both!
Question 3Are you a person who has a whole lot of acquaintances, or just a few very close friends?
I have my "hold them in one hand" kind of friends that I couldn't imagine life without. These are the girls that are real, honest, and the best friends you could have. But, I have lots of not so close friends that are still very dear and precious to me. I just think you have to have both.
Question 4If you could cure a disease, or heal a sickness, which one would you choose?
This is easy for me....CANCER BE GONE!!! Done, finished, no more!
(Bonus Questions)
Question 5What does "being spiritual" mean to you?
For me, today, being spiritual means walking with God in every thing I do. And, when you think about all that you do throughout the day, whatever it is, wherever you are, you can be walking right with God at that moment. That is being spiritual. I don't keep "being spiritual" in a place or position that I have to try to be or go. Being spiritual for me is in all things.
Question 6Imagine you were talking to someone who did not believe in God and Jesus... How would you explain to them that Jesus is Real (from your experiences in your own life)?
Well, I would hopefully show joy in my heart and actions that show the love and joy I have in Christ through my daily living. I would love to talk Jesus with anyone that had questions. I know what its like to be the complete opposite of where I am today so I can relate and understand the questions that they might have. I believe we share, encourage, and talk about Him as much as anyone wants to know.....God will take care of the rest. He's good at that! :)
Thanks for letting me play even if it is a day late!
Blessings friends~


Earen said...

That was fun to read! Your love for Christ definitely shows by your life! I read your blog & you just resinate Christ.

His Girl said...

I agree with earen! that was a fun read!

glad you're a healthy girl. i need to take notes!

Charity said...

I so enjoyed that! I SOOOOOOOO agree with you about curing cancer!! I worked Thursday night at the hospital and had a patient that had cancer and was in pretty bad shape. I have not quit thinking about her. It is a terrible, terrible disease!

Thanks for my sweet comment on my blog! I have had a CRAZY week!

Denise said...

Enjoyed reading your answers dear.

justabeachkat said...

Hi Fran! Bad me!!!! I haven't been by in quite awhile. It's been wild, crazy and busy around my house, plus we were out of town recently. See...I have lots of excuses. LOL Things have slowed down and I've actually had to stay home after my dermatologist did a treatment on my face so I've had fun these last few days "catching up" on my blog reading. Wow...I didn't realize how many of your posts I've missed so it took me awhile to go back and read them all, but I did. I loved reading all the memes you done and I loved seeing the photos, especially the one of you and hubby all dressed up. Wow! What a handsome pair you make! I am so sorry that I didn't realize your area was affected by the terrible storms. It's hard for me to keep up with where all my blogging buddies live. I'm so happy your home is okay. I'll be back soon. Promise.


Toknowhim said...

So glad you got to participate today...remember it is never too late :) I loved your answer on "being spiritual"... I think you nailed that question!! Thanks Fran... I am enjoying getting to know you better every glad to have found your bloggy.

Praise and Coffee said...

Hello Fran, that was fun.
Hope all is well!

darla said...

Hey Sweet Thang! I left you something on my blog! Surprise!!

BTW- can I add you to my blog roll??

Shari said...

I like what you said about being spiritual. I'm trying to include God in different parts of my day. But sometimes I just keep thinking like a human instead of a spiritual being.

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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