Friday, February 8, 2008

Well, its Friday girls and that means it's time to give God some praise for His mighty-ness this week!!! Woo-hoo!! Thank you Patty for hosting this each week. We love you!
Ok, well, if you have read my blog at all this week you know it's been a week filled with sad emotions, overwhelming feelings of helplessness, and visuals of tornado destruction that I am having a hard time getting my mind around.......tornados blew threw my area on Tuesday night and did MASSIVE damage. I have read that the tornado itself was approximately 1/2 mile wide and 1 mile long. It was an F-4.....and according to tornado people, that's big time!
We awoke Wednesday morning to lives torn upside down and families home shattered completely or near total loss. Union University was so damaged that it will be all but starting over for that campus. But, not one student loss life as it blew right threw campus. God's hand was protecting His people.
God's heart has shown up in its great big glorious God kind of way since then. We are coming together in ways that I cannot articulate. We are doing things for people with such a willingness and love for God's people that we'll do anything for folks we know and for people we don't know.
We might be the 1st glimpse of Jesus to some.
Where my kids go to school, the high school kids are off today so they can literally be the hands and feet of Christ to those who need help cleaning up. That makes me so happy that my heart literally jumps when I think of them out there doing that.
Lives were lost Tuesday night and that tears this soft hearted child up. But, so many more lives were spared. So....we band together and work together in the name of Jesus to show love, compassion, generosity, willingness, support, and we help each other in this difficult situation.
We also need to pray for those that may not know Christ and through this devastation they will find the One who truly Saves.
Blessings and Love~


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Praising God with you and praying that He will continue to use you all to show HIM to those around you!

Love you girl!

Darla said...

Give God some Praise!! That is my favorite thing in the whole world!
Praise you God for a new day that we take so often for granted, for the unlimited do-overs you give to me, Praise God for revealing HIMself in the litte things, like a sista just coming along side me when struggling, and Praise HIM for all that is going to turn to Good in TN and ARKansas!! HE is good!

Kelly said...

I'm just now getting over here and I did not realize you lived in Jackson. I knew you were in TN - but not sure where. Oh my - I'm so sorry. Tornados are the most awful things. Living in AR (as I'm sure you know) - we get a lot of them and they are so scary and so devastating. We had one in our town about 2 years ago and I still haven't recovered. A terrible one hit the town 3 miles from where my parens live this week (the same storm that hit ya'll). It has pretty much wiped that little town as well.
I have been praying for everyone affected in all of these storms. In fact - I think about everyone so often. I can't imagine in just a moment - losing everything you own.
May God restore their lives.

Denise said...

I join you my sweet friend in giving God mighty praise. He is so awesome.

Shari said...

It's miraculously amazing that no students died at the university - after viewing that picture. It sounds like there are lots of opportunities for Christians to show the love of Jesus, down there. He can always bring such good out of the bad. Thanks for welcoming me to God Stop Friday.

thouartloosed said...

Fran, I have not had time to read for ahile and it was jolting to see you experienced tornados! Praise God you and your family are okay and those at the University. I will have you all in prayer.

Nise' said...

Praising Him for the unity that is being shown to help those that need it!!
We have a couple of local girls that go to the university and they talked to our local news about their experience.

Earen said...

Praise the Lord for all He's doing in your community. May His glory be shown brightly & may He soften hearts to know Him. He works all things together for good....

Susan said...

I know that we always look for a way to help those in need. To be thankful that we were spared. I have been so touched by the hands and feet of Christ's body that clearly is taking care of your devestated area. Wow. The aerial shot of the campus...struck terror in my parenting heart! To think of the frantic desperation the parents of those children must have felt! Ugh. The community college down the street is looking better and better for my son, at least as far as I'm concerned!

Praise Him that none of the students were killed.

Kristin said...

Oh Fran, I didn't realize you were so close to the devestation of the tornados. Thanking God for your safe keeping and praying for all those who lost so much!

Toknowhim said...


So sorry for all that has been going on, but I love how you are keeping your focus on Jesus, and how you can show others His love...

As far as the "Know & Tell" can do it any day of the week, it doesn't just have to be on Fridays. I would love to see your answers every week, so if Friday is not a good day, come when you can.

Blessings Friend!!!

Georgia4God said...

I'm thankful that you and your fam are ok after the tornado. I'm really glad too that you all are able to help others around you and to show Jesus to them. God is definately getting some praise thru the storms this week.

Bev Brandon said...

wow, the pictures were so sad, so very sad for losing most of what they had...and how scary it had to be for them to feel the ground move under you and lose all reference...may the only Stability in our lives be have such a servant's heart and pray that God will direct you to who needs're precious

BethAnne said...

My heart goes out to those people. I just pray that God will pour out His Spirit there and people will be saved because of the Christian witness in that area.

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