Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is pretty sad....

Thank you for all your sweet comments on how dressed up we were Friday night! We did have fun, but let me just say how hard it is for me to stay up past 10 y'all!!

Ok....when we moved A MONTH AGO....I obviously decided that my can opener needed to not make the move, so it didn't.

Well, a month after the move...we decided to cook chili and guess what??? (Did y'all realize that I said a month after we moved that I decided to cook?!!) HA!

There was NO CAN OPENER!! So, this is what you do.....

Y'all this cracks me up every time I look at these pictures!

GO GIANTS! Have a happy Super Bowl everyone!



Denise said...

Thanks for making me laugh, lol

Chelle' said...

Hey Fran- I found you on Joanne's blog and wanted to stop by and say Hi.

Your picture is STUNNING!!!!

I wanted to giggle with you regarding the lack of a can opener. (And the fact that a month went by without cooking...) I'm glad you are settled into your home now... it's beautiful.

Take care.

Darlene R. said...

Hahahahahaha! That is so funny! Something we would do.

Go Giants!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Looks like my house last week when all my appliances started exploding!!

Love Ya!

Charity said...

Absolutely hilarious! I do crazy stuff like that too!

I LOVE to see that the dog was trying to help too! Our Marlie would have been the same way! They know what comes out of those cans! Ha!


jennyhope said...

not on the rug!! LOL

Shonda said...


I have 4 or 5 hand held ones. I should send you one.

Yeah Giants! 17-14 Final!!

He Knows My Name said...

i love the dog ears in the picture!he/she had to see what is he doing? mine is so nosy too. :)) ~janel

Bev Brandon said...

me too---loved the dog ears
your dogs have seen so much
Love and Laughter!!!!!!!!!!
and did that can spill
on your carpet??????????
Oh! I'm so encouraged that
C T or D picked my Brookie
for their missionary!!!
Hey, go to her blog and in her archives, he could get all kinds of stuff for his report! That so made me happy tonight! I just went through something really hard tonight with a friend and hung up then saw that---aw, thanks for telling me!

Earen said...

Ok, that's pretty funny! Yes, Go Giants!!

Darlene R. said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. That's great advice. I appreciate it.

I saw your post on Travis's blog. I, too, jumped up and down like a fool.

Then my back told me that probably wasn't too smart! :0

Have a great Monday!

Profbaugh said...

Fran, you crack me up!!


BethAnne said...

What an ingenious husband you have. But Fran, it's really time to break in that oven ;-) and it's also time to get a new can opener.
That is hilarious!!!! You guys are so fun!

Mariel said...

I so love your God stops that I referenced it on my blog...I hope you will stop by and check it out!
blessings, mariel

Alana said...

I have to say I was concerned for your rug. I imagined that chili splurting out all over it!

Hope you enjoyed your chili!!

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