Friday, February 22, 2008

Well, its Friday!!! YAY! YES! The best day for me bc I can be home most of the day ALL BY MYSELF!! I don't work on Friday's so I absolutely love me some Friday!'s God Stop Friday hosted by our beloved, Patty! This is our time to reflect on specifics that God has done for us, showed us, helped us through, or whatever the case may be for you during the past week.

I'm sitting here with my coffee right now and have my praise music in the background and it just makes me so happy.

My "God Stop Friday" moment of choice today would be something that was said during our DVD viewing of "Wising Up" on Wednesday morning.......It was very profound for me at the moment and something that I have thought of many times since Bible study.

The magnificent teacher, Beth Moore, was teaching us about how to be wise with our finances.
At the end of the DVD, she was talking about situations in marriages when the husband and wife are in two different places of giving. She said something in the middle of her "how to handle that" that freed me so much.....

Relax before your God!!!

Relax before your God!!!

We bring our pure, clean hearts before Him, we pray for whatever it is, and we RELAX before Him. Don't get worried about any part of what you are asking, feeling, wishing, wanting, needing. He knows our hearts girls.

Let's relax before God and not get hung up in anything we are afraid of or thinking is weird. He is a loving God. He can handle anything we need to give Him. Even our finances. Even our broken relationships. Even our frustrations. Even our marriages. Even our troubled children.
Even our jobs. Even our feelings of despair and hoplessness.

Cry out to God. Relax before Him. He loves you so much. You are EVERYTHING to Him.
Relax. Enjoy. Be with Him in complete honesty.



Patty said...

I love that!! Relax before God! That speaks! What freedom that brings!! A new way to approach God today! Thank you for sharing this GodStop. Sometimes I get into a panic over something and that is how I approach Him, in a panic.
You are having one good Friday morning my friend.
If you lived closer I would invite you to see 27 Dresses with us!!
Have a great weekend. Oh, would you pray for my best friend's father. He is very sick and has been in a nursing home for some time. He may have the flu, they don't know. Please pray he gets the proper care.
Much Love,

Nise' said...

Thank you!!! I needed to hear this today as I have been "over thinking" an issue instead of just relaxing before God and speaking my heart to Him. I am going to have to do "Wising Up"!

Mariel said...

I bet you are loving Wising UP...I am praying to get the opportunity to do it soon!

Thanks for this word today! I am always in need of relaxing before God! Praise Him, He offers true relaxation! He is too good to me!

blessings, mariel

Mary Lou said...

Thanks Fran. I needed this. He spoke to me thru you. I definitely need to relax before the Lord. We have some life changing decisions to make and nothing is crystal clear. I "thought" I had it under control,ha,ha...but I struggled all thru the night with Him. I did pray and I did ask for discernment. However, your thought of relaxing before Him implies to me, listening real close and hearing what He says. Thank you. Enjoy your day.

Linda said...

Many people have difficult relaxing with/before the Lord because we're taught to be diligent, to be always moving forward or be stagnating, and no sincere follower wants to stagnate. So that makes us uptight about crossing every T and dotting every I. We may not fear losing our salvation as people did in generations before us, but we are keenly aware of not measuring up.

Earen said...

Thank you for the great reminder today about relaxing in the Lord. I think so many times I need to hear that & just simply trust Him. Oh, & congrats on getting a little girl through Compassion! What a wonderful outreach opportunity & I hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have. Enjoy your day to yourself...I'm so jealous (in a good way!)

Georgia4God said...

AMEN!! I have a hard time w/that sometimes. usually it's because I'm only looking at what I can do how what my physical eyes can see. Actually, I think I'm gonna go write this in the front of my Bible so I can remember it when I freak out over something.

Ang baylis said...

I'm here in Michigan relaxing before Him and trying to get my work done but would rather read your posts!
Thank you for sharing again!
Happy God Stop Friday!
Angie xoxo

Denise said...

I needed this my friend, thanks.

Teri said...

Frannie, you rock! I loved this post! I am going to be doing some relaxing before God this weekend. I have to prepare for Sunday's message and Well, plus preach it on Sunday morning..but thank the good Lord that I have Monday off!
I wish I were in Tenn hanging out with are THAT cool!

Profbaugh said...

Oh my, Fran. Talk about a good WORD!! Glad I caught your blog today. We talked about this very subject in my Monday night women's Bible study. Can't wait to bring this back to the group. THANKS!!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Chill Pill. Relax....

You are speaking directly to my heart this week dear one!

And I thank you for it.

Love you

annie's eyes said...

That hits home with me today too. Thanks Fran for a good word and God showing up in such array of detail. Nothing like a little praise and some coffee, too. Happy Godstop Friday.
love, annie

Charity said...

That really is true! When do we "tense up" and worry?! That is a really good word! I needed that today!

Thanks girl!
Love you,

Bev Brandon said...

Wow. I would love to do Wising Up. And I love the wisdom from your Author and Stepping Up.

We are in Austin for weekend.
My husband is preaching.
WE LOVE AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!
I am on a mad hunt for Chris Tomlin...when I get to worship with that guy...OH MY...I hope my street is near his in heaven!!!!
Praise God He is so breaking through in me this dark week and I am finding a rest I have not known!!! Woohoo!

jennyhope said...

i loved that session and needed the reminder!!

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