Saturday, March 1, 2008

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Prayer for us grownups!

children ran towards you and you welcomed them with open arms reprimanding those who wished to keep them under control.

We have lived as children, and have grown up leaving behind something of the trust,enthusiasm,vulnerability,curiosity,imagination,openness,acceptance,the playfulness of childhood.

We too often reprimand children,'They don't behave.' 'They’re too noisy.'And yet we want children to be present -'They are the church of tomorrow!'

Jesus you call children to be part of the church not because they are church of tomorrow but because the Holy Spirit speaks through them today because they remind us of the essence of our humanitybecause they invite us to become again the child we once knew because we need to be like them......

and playful to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Help us to be more childlike.


His Girl said...


He Knows My Name said...

yes Jesus! have a great weekend fran. love you! ~janel

Denise said...

Amen, have a wonderfully fun weekend my friend, love you.

Lindsee said...

Girl, that is some truth right there! Oh, to have childlike everything. Not a care in the world! They trust so well!!



Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Well said! Amen and Amen....

Hope you're feeling better....


jennyhope said...

we got out and played today! so nice!

Profbaugh said...

Today's the perfect day to go out and play. It's 71 degrees here in St. Louis. Tomorrow, however it's supposed to snow (really, it is!). Got to enjoy the nice weather while it's here.


Earen said...


annie's eyes said...

I love to watch children in restaurants and other places and see them play with abandon, laugh with abandon, cry without wondering who's noticing, except mom, maybe. It couldn't be any clearer why He told us to Come as little children. They are precious in His sight. We need a dose of play and fun and abandon, and our Lord knows it. Thanks for this wonderful reminder. I had some fun today too, and it was the kind that makes the Lord happy. Good post. Love, annie

Bev Brandon said...

You got that one! He loves our childlike faith, our childike humility, our childlike hearts running unashamedly to HIM. How are you Fran?

BethAnne said...

Amen Fran!!!

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