Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gotta do the church thing...

Ok..on Monday I did the infamous "I ain't got nothin" post because my brain was tired and I really couldn't come up with anything all that great. Remember, it's Summer people!

And, at the end of that random stuff post I told you about something said to me on Saturday night while us parents stood around after baseball games and talking about our Sunday schedule.

Now, let me backup and say that all 3 of my boys play travel baseball and it really is the most fun experience we have had yet as a family. I have a great big huge family now because of these 3 different teams. The kids all tend to play close to one another, but with only 2 parents and 3 kids, we have to do a lot of juggling. And...lets throw in the fact that I am the Director of Children's Ministry at my church and I really need to be there on Sunday mornings if I can. I will drive home late on Saturday night so I can be at church and do the "church thing" and then head back to wherever we are playing.

Now, we've been a part of this baseball organization for awhile now and everyone knows that I work at the church and that I need to go back and do the "church thing" and sometimes need other parents help.

During all of this, I have never looked at these times like I have to go back and do the "church thing." But, when someone said to me last Saturday night....."Oh, you have to do the church thing tomorrow," I got the impression that church was nowhere in their radar, family life, personal life, interest, etc.etc.

I feel 90% sure the "church thing" is not alive in this family's life. That in itself is another thing swirling around in my head. do I feel about this example I am setting??

How do I personally feel about this church thing that I do??

How do I react when people know that we have to give up some church on Sunday mornings because of their ball schedule?? I have much to say about this "church thing" I do. I could give you 101 reasons why I do this "church thing," but I'm going to answer it fairly briefly here. But, hear me loud and clear!

Church is not confined to Sunday only. For me or my children. Church is oxygen to me. It feeds me. The children and the families of my church, that I serve every single week, bring complete joy to me. I want others....the church goers and the non-church see how important church is to me. It is way more than my job.

This "church thing" that I do is my life in ways and depths that I can hardly articulate. Jesus is real to me. He is my life and my hope. He saved me from myself.

HE is the "church thing" and I'm thrilled to be a part of it on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays. Who cares when it is. I love this "church thing." I wouldn't trade this church thing for all the money in the world.

My prayer is that all of us will be setting an example of how important Jesus is to us so others who do not know, doubt it all, or want to roll our eyes at us....that through us, others and the wonderful ways of our great big beautiful God....others may see that He is pretty cool and we might just bring someone to a relationship with Him.

So, get out there and do the "church thing!" Whatever it looks like.

Hugs and blessings my friends.


Pat said...

Don't you just sometimes wish you could open up heads and pour right in, an understanding of the excitement, cheering, anticipation and Home Runs that God has for us in the church!!
Somehow, I am betting that you do just that!
Bless you,

Alana said...

Well said. I have a feeling you are a bright light for Jesus wherever and whenever, Fran!

Teri said...

We are the church! It is who we are, it should be what we do, be it in a building on Sunday morning, by the bedside of a dying parent or cheering our kids as they play their hearts out...we are the church!

You my friend exude the love of Jesus! Your gift of encouragement spills out of can't even help it!

In one of your text messages to me this week I felt your concern when you said to me, "Is everything okay?"
You are mighty for him out there Fran! Keep doing the church thing...on the field, in the Sunday School classroom, in the grocery store!

You just ROCK!
Love your heart,

Michelle V said...

Amen, Fran! Well said! I have run across a lot of that same thing in my years of doing sports and activities with the boys. And I was teaching Wed night Bible study which put an extra kink into things and a lot of the other sports families really didn't understand that! Great post!!


BethAnne said...

Amen sister! Even though this family may not do the church thing - they see you doing it and through your witness I pray that you spark curiosity in them so that they want what you have in Jesus.

ocean mommy said...

Beautiful! You ARE the church and those families are sure to see it all over your family.

Love you!

beckyjomama said...

You said it Friend!! I get this all the time - from family! And it A.) annoys me that they give us such a hard time about it (the worst was when Sophie's dedication was scheduled for the same day as a niece's graduation - they said "just get her done at some other church later" ... AGGGHHH!!!), and B.)breaks my heart for the fact that they don't "know". Church is where they go on Sunday mornings, and that is what will "make us good enough for Heaven". I want to be a good example, I want them to see the Truth, and if I am the only place where they will see it, Lord please let me be the best of You!

Thanks for this message Fran.
You keep doing that church thing. Sometimes we are the only Bible that they will ever read. And SOMETIMES, what they see in us will give them a reason to look for more.

Marina said...

Amen,to what Ter said,we are the church eveywhere we go and most people in ball games are just all about ball games and no church even CYO if you can belive that.
you just keep doing what your heart tells you to do and keep letting it shine for others.

jennyhope said...

Amen sister for the example of keeping God first! love you

Darlene R. said...

God and the church thing is the center of our family. That is why when something is not quite right there our whole world is a mess. Serving God and others is what I do, it's what I want to do.

Not only are you an example in your "real" life, but you are an awesome example in the cyberworld, too.

Love and hugs comin' at ya! :)

Patty said...

Perfectly said my friend!!


Joanne said...

Hey there girl, I see that you have a new look to your site...I like it.

I am doing the 'church thing' this weekend and getting our couples retreat off and running. Pray for Paul and I...did I tell you that I talked him into teaching a beginners swing dance class with me?!?

See why I need your prayers!

Sheryl said...

Amen sister! Great post. From someone who is unable to attend church (well really don't leave home much) I know the "church thing" can be done from anywhere, at any time.

Well said!

Denise said...

Amen sweet sister, love you.

littlerad said...

I so agree with you about we are the Church and we take it and share with all... My husband are a really funny team when we are out in public, we get peoples attention, by they way we talk, we bring smiles to there faces and then we never leave them without them knowing that we thank God for all we have and all we are...

Yesterday we went to the store and the check out lady didn't look happy, and that was a sign for us, well when we left her line she was smiling, laughing and thanking us for what we shared with her, then as we walked away we heard her sharing with the women in line behind us... God is so Great!!!
I pray that you have a great weekend...

His Girl said...

Ah, yes.. the church thing. My family always goes to church until 2pm - every single week.

Every single event a certain family member invites us to is on Sunday morning. We have been married for 16 years.... it never changes, yet they refuse to change the times and continue to be sad that we don't go...

I have to be so careful to not represent our decision (not to attend anything until after church) in a light that doesn't make us look like slaves to the church and missing out on the fun, and doesn't look like we are being snobby, and doesn't look like it's just because of my job in CM, but that it looks like it's a priority because we love Jesus, and we love worshiping Him, and we love serving him...

(and still be nice, too)

A Stone Gatherer said...

We are in worship every day of the week! We are the light of Christ! Church is so much more the the walls! Thanks for what you said!

Shelley said...

That was great Fran. I wholeheartedly believe that too. Thanks for sharing, and reminding!

Mariel said...

Amen! Great answer!!

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