Monday, June 23, 2008

I got some of HIS DNA

When I typed out that said, "I got some of His DAN." It made me chuckle. And, its only 7:15 in the morning as I type this so I can see why I think it's funny.

Ok, back to the big, deep thoughts I'm after today. HA!! And, let me tell you that it so won't happen. Let me explain...

Ya see, yesterdays sermon was titled "How Great is our God." Ok. I got that. But, comes the twist. It took a turn after about the first 8 minutes and went down the science/religion road and right then and there I had some difficulty "hanging with the preacher." But, my brain went on a little detour of its own around the 8 minute mark...sorry Ted....and I found myself staying on a point he made early on.

Genesis 1:27 says this..."So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."

I know this is not new to many of us, but when I think about it and let my mind wander, I get a little blown away., you, every human on planet earth.....are created in HIS image. Now, that means everyone. Everyone. Every human being is created in His image. We came along in Day 6 of creation. We are made in his image...with some God DNA.

God has really good perspective when it comes to his beloved children, doesn't He? I wish I had some of that perspective. God can see who we are in all honesty. And, He can also see who we are in our original intent. Do you think He thinks..."Wow, Fran, you are so off the course here. Work with me harder sister." I bet He does.

The beauty of God is His patience and love for us. I'm praying this week for me to hear straight from Him in prayer, scripture, and whoever else He chooses to use...."You are right on the money on this one Fran. Stay close my child. Stay at the foot of the cross and let me keep guiding you."

Slow down Fran. I mean slow down long enough to really hear from Him. I can't do that when I'm not focusing on Him.

In all of creation, we are His most favorite of all. I want to embrace that. And, I want to go after the things that He is working on in my daily life. I also want to see others with the perspective God has. He loves us and yellow black and white we are precious in His sight.....

Ultimately, we want others to see Jesus first and then see us. Now, that is being made in His image the way He sees it.

"Lord Jesus, I pray today that we embrace our heritage in You and we reflect the beauty of You to everyone we see today. Father, help us to see others with Your eyes and Your heart. We are all your one better than the other."

Have a wonderful day friends.



littlerad said...

This how God has been speaking to me this last week, he loves us all not what what color we are or what we look likes we are his children and he loves us all...
I am praying for you...

Teri said...

Friend, read The Shack. I am not one to jump on a book bandwagon...believe me, most of the time I am like "ummmm hmmm..O.K." but seriously girl, read this is basically what you are talking about, blown into a million facets.

This much is true Fran...God loves you. He loves you no matter what, and he loves you the best. You are SO big to him, never away from his thoughts. His love is so deep, for you. And the amazing thing is, it is that way for me too, and every other person. It is unimaginable, but true.

This thing is changing my life.

Love you Fran, be blessed today.

beckyjomama said...

Thanks Fran - I needed to hear that today! You always Bless me!

Be Blessed yourself my Friend!

Shelley said...

Oh I LOVE this! God's DNA...Wow! I never thought about it that way, but it's PERFECT!

Thanks Fran!

Michelle V said...

That's wonderful, Fran! I really needed to hear that today!


ocean mommy said...

I have holy chill bumps. :)

Thanks for encouraging me today!!!


MelanieJoy said...

Okay- aha moment! This post reminded me of the post I did not to long ago about the "wh"question I asked about the special needs kiddos. They too are created in His image...they too.
I'm so not as focused as I should/need to be. Working on it!
Sending love your way.

Denise said...

So very awesome my friend.

Darlene R. said...

Hi Fran!!

I can't believe how close our pastor's sermons were yesterday. Our's was entitled "Who is God Bigger Than?"

(Of course, I said to our youth pastor, "the boogyman"! heehee)

Anyway, in Sunday school we talked about James 2 and how we are all equal and how we need to look on the heart and not the past or the outside.

I find it interesting when two pastor's sermons are similar on the same day.


BethAnne said...

"I also want to see others with the perspective God has"-----me too, my friend, me too. Excellent word.

His Girl said...

what an exciting concept! I love the idea of having His DNA


jennyhope said...

what a wonderful post seriously! I love you and cant wait to be roomies in san an!

lori said...

I need to slow down as well

Dana said...

Thanks for the word Fran.
Yes, I was talking about Lindsee Lou! She is my much younger friend and I love her so much! We have so much fun together in student ministries and in life. Thanks for the encouragement about my oldest. I am seeing answers to prayers. Wish we could have coffee!

Jen said...

Ya know what Fran? You make me think. And you are encouraging. And you are beautiful, inside and out.

What a blessing you are!

annie's eyes said...

Great post, Fran. And some good things to dwell on this day, and you look a lot like Him today! Love, Annette

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