Friday, June 20, 2008

Its a convicting Friday

Hey everyone!! Happy Friday and Happy weekend to us all. :)

I must say my Godstop Friday...thank you so much Patty for spurring us on...was a little convicting. Ok, A LOT convicting.

How we can quickly fall back into an old pattern or an old "me" for even just a short period of time and know it all along and yet stay right there.

I was having dinner the other night with a dear, precious, Christian friend and everything was just hunky dory.

Let me just keep it simple and say that some "drama" unfolded among some friends that I knew that were also there eating. Well, I had to fill my friend in on who everyone was and what was going on with them and the whole nine yards.

Lets just say there was too much talking. ON MY END.

Well, I felt so bad about it the next morning and decided I should hit the neighborhood and start my walk. I walked at the feet of Jesus for the entire walk...begging forgiveness, pouring out my heart, almost in tears, giving it all over to Him. It was a sweet time, but one of those most convicting times when you just feel sick to your stomach.

I'm feeling better about it today. But, I know that I should not have gone on and on and on and "gossiped" all about it to someone else.

I'm learning this old lesson again. I have matured desperately in this area over the last 10 years.

But, isn't it funny that just a week ago someone said to me "Fran, you've grown so much because you handled those conversations so well and didn't get all in the middle of it." quickly we can go from one end to the next in just a matter of days.

Praying for us all. I need me some self control of thy tongue.
Blessings and love,


Michelle V said...


Ouch, the tongue! It's one of my problem areas as well! I admire the fact that you recognized it and quickly repented. That shows your heart has changed toward gossip and that's a good thing! I have gotten better about not doing it, but now I catch myself staying to listen when someone else does and then the Holy Spirit will convict me that I'm still participating! I'm working on it with you, sweet friend!


Earen said...

Oh, how quickly I can fall into this area too. We women just like to be in the middle of these things don't we. Know you're not alone & thank you for the convicting reminder to watch my tongue! Have a fabulous weekend my friend!

Patty said...

Sweet Fran,
Amen! It is amazing how quickly we can get caught in that trap again. Trust me you are not alone. How amazing is our God who offers forgiveness, and new mercies.
Thank you for sharing with us today!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

ocean mommy said...

Oh girl...I can give a hearty amen to this post. I too get so caught up at times and before I know it, I'm chatty kathy....

Love you!

Teri said...

My mouth getsme in trouble 9 times out of 10!

Thank God for Romans 8:1-2
There is therefore now NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Christ Jesus,for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus HAS SET YOU FREE from the law of sin and death.

Thank you Jesus for the forgiveness that comes in an instant.

Love you Frannie!

Denise said...

My sweet friend, we all need help in this area. I love you.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Uh huh....been there, none that! Just happens. Then the conviction part hits and you know you went too far in "sharing".

Bev Brandon said...

Oh dear...put a lock on my lips.

Your post reminds me of a C.S. Lewis quote: What saves a man is to take another step. And what saves Fran is that she is taking steps in the right direction before His Face and not just correcting the situation but repenting of what is not pleasing to Him when we put ourselves before others or treat ourselves as more important or whatever. Just love your tender heart! It's His Kindness that leads you to repentance. Rom. 2:4

His Girl said...

Oh I know the sick tummy feeling! Praise to Him we feel it, so we can make a point of avoiding it :)

I think that you noticed and felt the sick guilt means you're growing closer to Him... that's good stuff :)

thouartloosed said...

This is, unfortunately for me, such a familiar scenerio. Especially the part where there is the brief moment of self satisfaction with how well I've come along on something. Just before the "test" arrives.
Thanks for sharing, Fran.

littlerad said...

You are in my prayers, I find when I'm feeling confident, and prideful at how well i'm doing that is opening the door for Satin to walk right in and make a mess of things. I'm glad you knew that you had made a mistake and took it to the foot of the cross...
I pray that you have a great weekend...

Mary Lou said...

Amen to your post and what everyone else has said. We are all guilty. Thank you for sharing your heart and being so transparent. Thank you for the reminder, I need it daily. I use way too many words all the time, not necessarily gossip, just too many words. Blessings. Have a great Lord's Day.

Alana said...

Hey friend, trying to catch up on blogs. It is so easy to cross the line in this area. I think it is great that you recognized it, though, and asked for forgiveness.

Marina said...

Thanks for stoping by and I am gald you husband didn't have the virus it's so hard to get rid of but I am praying for a healing.

Bev Brandon said...

I was just over at Lisa's and commenting about how one day I am going to walk up to someone and ask "Are you a blogger?" and they are going to say YES. And I got to thinking that if it was YOU...I would SCREAM SO LOUD and jump up and down and cause this unbelievable SCENE and my kids would all just sit there thinking---"there goes mom again". SO EXCITED tonight thinking that I may finally possibly meet you in August...oh no. I hope I don't like throw you to the ground or something...LOL

BethAnne said...

Oh Sister! Could I tell you about how my tongue has gotten me into trouble over the years (over the past few weeks!). I do the same thing and then I feel so convicted I cant stand myself. Then I feel like everyone is looking at me like I am a hypocrite. Then I feel like the preacher is preaching directly to me about gossip.....ya smell what I'm cookin' here?

I dont mean to make you feel better by saying that I have been there (because I know you are trying to be like Jesus and not like me), but OH HAVE I BEEN THERE!

Great word for me!

Melinda said...

I want you to know that I, too, had a convicting Friday in this very same area! I, too, had smugly thought I had conquered this troublesome area and was feeling pretty good about it. And then I decided to share with a friend somebody else's dirty laundry that was not mine to share...all in the name of prayer requests, don't ya know. Sickening, just sickening.

At least I was convicted almost immediately, which is a marked improvement over my gossip-laden past. I was able to ask forgiveness then and there and be done with it. But it was a good lesson that while we can be victorious in an area, we'd better be on guard, keeping our eyes peeled for booby traps lest we fall.

Great post...thanks for visiting my little corner of blogdom! :o)


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