Monday, July 21, 2008

The "A" word

Hey sweet friends.

It's Monday morning. The stress (AKA anxiety) is trying sooooo hard to come into my mind and body this morning. I'm fighting if off by the second.

Why you ask??


Oooooooh, you say.

It's a GREAT, awesome, fun, full of Jesus week, but it takes a lot of preparation and detail planning to get to that point. That would be my job.

It all comes together. It always does.

But, the week before gets a little hairy and overwhelming, so whats a girl to do??

1. stay focused (wishing)
2. eat alot
3. find busy work to do at home so I don't have to "work" on it
4. pray continually..."Peace Jesus Peace."
5. pray continually..."Strength Jesus Strength."
6. eat more
7. yell at kids
8. stay up WAY TOO LATE
9. neglect things like children, new puppy, and the grocery
10.give it all up to God

I sit before you today and truly ask Him to take every bit of anxiety, every bit of concern, and every worry that I may have over this one. He is God for crying out loud. He is more than able and willing to help me through this.

You have heard me say 401 times, "God is in the details. He loves the details."

So, if you are feeling a little anxious or uptight or worried or anything but settled.....take a minute or two or ten and just go before Him on your knees and ask Him to be there with you and help you. He already is....let's let Him do His thing!

Proverbs 12:24 "Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in slave labor."

Proverbs 12:25 "An anxious heart weighs a man down..."

hugs and blessings~


Charity said...

I am telling you what...I have been a terrible bloggy friend! I have been so absent from the blogosphere since going back to work full-time! To say I am pooped is an understatement!

I am so glad to play some catch up and check in! I know VBS is stressful, but I know you will do a FANTASTIC job!

I can totally relate to the whole "anxiety" thing this week! The Lord had me check your blog this morning for some encouragement, no doubt! I have been struggling with that this week.

Glad you guys are having a fun summer!

Love ya!

Shonda said...

VBS always seems to come together. God does it in a way HE gets the glory. Is your VBS this week or next week? I pray for you my friend.

btw--I love the pics of the boys, baby and dog below. I live with only boys and I can relate. :-)

Engrafted by His Grace-

Earen said...

I pray that everything goes so very smoothly for your VBS. May the Lord give you His peace that passes all our understanding. I can't wait to hear all about how great it was!!

Melinda said...

You're on the home stretch, sweet Fran! All those loose ends? They ain't nothin' but a thang! :o)

May the love of the Lord reach through all your hard work and do what only HE can do in the hearts of those kids!

Big hugs to you this day,

Michelle V said...

Thanks! I needed that!!!!


BethAnne said...

I really need to do exactly that --- get on my knees and ask Him for some peace. I am needing it right now! And isnt it so true that an anxious heart weighs us down? Wow!

As for VBS, I know the stress that goes along with it....but everything always works out and the kids have a wonderful time (even though we stress like the dickens - who are the Dicken's anyway?). It will all go beautifully and when its over everyone will say what a great job Fran did and Fran will say "Praise the Lord, not me".......see that's how God plans it - for our good and His glory --- rest in knowing that He has it under control.

(Now would you kindly tell me to do that too?) ;-) I am a good advice giver, but not always good at taking my own advice.

ocean mommy said...

I'm praying for you this week! I know that those children are going to be blessed!

I'll also be praying for your family and that you all have a peace filled week!!! :)

Just think, this time next month we'll be in San Antonio!!!!!!

Love you!

Holly said...

PRaying for your week and that the A word will be totally ABSENT!


PS I love VBS week. It's a sickness, I know :) but a good one!

Shelley said...

VBS is wonderful, and hard, all wrapped up together. I pray that God gives you peace and patience, strength and energy, and good weather!

Denise said...

Praying that all will go well at your VBS. I love you.

MelanieJoy said...

I survived two this summer! I know it's not the same as being in charge of getting all those things together! I pray for everything to come together and that God touches the heart of all the children...and that He blesses the socks of you too!!! WooHoo!!!!!

Tanja said...

I'll be praying for you... peace and strength! And joy, too, because once all that work comes to fruition, it's so great to see those kids enjoying fun Christian fellowship.

Teri said...

Praying for you this week my friend. Seriously. Praying.

Love you me if you need to, I'll pray with you over the phone!
Big hugs,

lori said...

Praying for the stress to go away..Just be encourged my kids fisinhed vbs 3 weeks ago and are still talking abbout it my nine year old is decided to just baptized and my daughter sings less Hannah montanna and more Jesus tunes,,,,,my point it is soooo worth it

Given Grace said...

Praying for your week and that God would be glorified in all you do!

Thanks for the reminder to let Him do His thing!

Kathie said...

VBS can be such a challenge and a blessing all at the same time. We don't have summer break from school here. At least, not in the summer. School finishes in November and starts up again in February. So we usually have VBS in January.
Blessings from Costa Rica

littlerad said...

You and the VBS is in my prayers, and you are right it all ways comes to gether just the way God wants it to...
And I love the pictures that are below of the baby's and puppy and family...

I have no one to sit with at the LPM conf. next week, do you want to meet up before and then we can sit near each other, or will you be with a big group? Just let me know... You are in my prayers...

Way More Homemade said...

from a VBS director...

Holy spirit, continue to give my sister Fran complete peace about VBS. May she see your hand in every step, every smile, every child, every volunteer, every bit of this oh so important summer event known as VBS. May she find joy in her work as you continually prepare her for each challenge and triumph that she will encounter. As a fellow detail-a-holic... give her peace that you are in control of the details.

blessings, siesta!

Susan said...

Praying for you this week...half way there! VBS is always a stressful time and warrants extra prayer and also some extra quiet time if you can snatch a few minutes alone to pray.

Thinking about you this morning.


annie's eyes said...

I'm a little late to be popping in but I surely can relate to this one. It's so ironic that we can be so stressed over the details that God has already taken care of. I am right there with you, and know you did well and He was glorified. Your heart is dear to me.
Love, A(nnette) :)

His Girl said...

so, you know why i haven't been commenting... all the way in the life of the VBS. day one was WOW big... but now that we only have today and tomorrow to survive, I am glad we did it already. i'll be praying for you of course- and thank you SO much for your prayers!

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