Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The deep stuff

I have been a little distracted by our precious, bundle of puppy breath, "Pepper." Yes, that is what son #2 named her. I'm not sure why he didn't pick Missy, Molly, or Sissy.

She has been so much fun to watch. She's coming out of her shell. I love watching her run, and bark try to keep up with the bigger version of herself. She can hang with the bigger 16 lb, Bailey. To watch them try to play....well, lets just say I could sit and do that for hours.

Might be the reason I'm doing things at late hours of the night.

Not getting important things done. Can I take a picture of my fridge for you??? You would instantly write me off as blogging friend.

Oh, but I am! Yes I am!!

Door #1 is this....

Yes, I heard you gasp! I did. And, I do too. I'll explain at the end.

Door #2 is this....

Now, I completely see that there is nothing in the bigger part of the fridge. I think there is some jello from awhile ago. There is a Dr. Pepper that is very flat. There is some fun cinnamon bread that I may eat. There is some coffee.
There are a few things in there, but nothing of substance. If you saw the chocolate milk on the top shelf, it's straight from a gas station on our way home from a ballgame. Nice huh?? I'm sure its just as good as Kroger milk, right?!

Anyway, we've been just a little busy finishing up travel ball, working on VBS, and just plain not being home very much! And, I'm really ok with it.

This baseball season is one day from being over and I have to say that I'm going to miss it terribly. The people, the kids, the environment, the smells, the dirty uniforms, the cleats, the bags, the routine.

And, even the empty fridge.

It's been very fun boys!!

Momma will go to the grocery as soon as it's over.

Hugs and blessings~


Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet sister! If I hadn't been gone for 10 days and if my fridge didn't look the same I would drive 45 mins and go grocery shopping for you!
I will be praying for you next week..e-mail with any specfic reguest...
Braden, TN
ps: are you still going to Louisville next weekend?

ocean mommy said...

That is what mine would look like if I WOULD CLEAN OUT ALL THE LEFTOVERS!!!!!

Praying for you this week! I'm believing that God is going to do a mighty work through you!

Love you

Melinda said...

I'm embarrassed to say that my refrigerator looks like that and my children are in college! Oh the shame! :o\

Teri said...

Food is over rated anyway! So is cooking at home for that matter. (No, I actually love to cook at home!)
But you know what is NOT over rated? Time with the boys. NEVER A WASTE OF TIME!

Keep on keeping on girlfriend!

Marina said...

my refigerator is a mess too don't stress over it ,it well get clean sooner or later, you are in my prayers,love.marina

Bev Brandon said...

Travel ball...oh my!
We're in travel swim for next 4 days...
Gotta go clean and pack, again.

Patty said...

I am with Steph, if I cleaned out the leftovers my fridge would be empty. What is even worse is the fact that we eat out way to much. Ball is so much fun in the summer. Have fun at VBS and I guess Kroger when you get to go. LOL
Much love,

Denise said...

Praying for you my precious friend, love you.

Darlene R. said...

Sometimes I wish that my fridge would look like that! Mine is usually so full of leftovers and outdated fruit. Not to mention the brown lettuce!

It's so much more fun to put things in an empty fridge anyway! :)

Have fun!

littlerad said...

LOL you are doing fine, mine is like that sometimes and then sometimes it is just to full... I can't wait for next weekend... You are in my prayers...

Dana said...

I am painting Megan's room this week and my fridge looked just like yours. My teen boys were about to trade me in they were so hungry and tired of eating frozen pizzas...welcome to summer at the Moody house!

annie's eyes said...

Mine looks like that and I have no excuse. Mike asked last night if I needed anything from the store--that he was going to stop and get a few things. That should be my job, but I gave him a LIST! Oh well, we have milk and sandwich fixings again! Hope your week is smoothing out, and you are feeling the prayers for peace sent your way. Love, Annette

Susan said...

Is anyone complaining that there is no food in the house? Cuz my fridge and freezer is STUFFED with food and all I hear is, "there's nothing to eat in this house". Aaarrggghhh.

thouartloosed said...

I was impressed there wasn't anything in your fridge you couldn't identify!
Your boys will have great memories of summer fun. Trust me! As long as they are well fed, our children don't mind as much as moms do where the food was prepared.
Blessings to you,

Shonda said...

No more concession stand food? Oh healthy? What's that? Baseball withdrawals will set in...I'm still having the w/d symptoms. LOL

Engrafted by His Grace-

Profbaugh said...

This is exactly how my fridge will look when my college-age son gets home next week from his internship. I swear, he inhales food!!!

Oh, and I love the name "Pepper!"

Much love,

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