Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just a few shots from heaven on earth!


Michelle V said...

Oh how fun! Have a great time!!


lori said...

that beach look beautiful.. I am in florida so I need to head to destin

Susan said...

Next batch of pics...let the man take pics of you and the boys!

Love you...looks like you are having a blast.

Patty said...

You know this is my fav place and I am living vicariously thru you right now. :)

Your boys eyes are so beautiful! You will have to watch the girls. LOL

Where are some pics of you?!

The water looks beautiful and the sand is like sugar. Oh, I need a vacay!!

Have a great time!!

MelanieJoy said...

=( hey you forgot to hide me in your suitcase!! Have fun...well duh your at the beach..heck yeah you are having fun =)

Darlene R. said...

Hey Fran! So glad you're enjoying the beach! Am I supposed to be sending you some money or are we taking care of that in SA?
Less than three weeks!!

Profbaugh said...

Oh it looks like such fun!!! Enjoy your time on the beach.


Denise said...

Awesome, looks like so much fun.

Teri said...

FRANNIE!!! You relax...soak up the alone time with your family...soak up the sun...and enjoy every moment of your time at the beach!

Toknowhim said...

Such great pictures of your family...Come back to my blog, and enter my giveaway contest... Also, if you have time look at Monday's post on my blog, and click on the link to hear the story I am talking about...By today, you will be able to access all 3 days of the interview... You will be blessed, and probably will need to go wash your face after (I am sure you will cry)

Blessings Fran, Kim

Dana said...

Oh I love me some Florida beach! I am so glad I got to go this year. Wish all of my family could go on youth trips! We are leaving this weekend for a more local vacation this year...can't wait!

ocean mommy said...

This just looks heavenly to me. :)

I amen the other comments that say: Throw up some pictures of you too!!! :)

And after I read Darlene's comment I wondered the same thing, do we need to send you money or just work it out at the hotel?

Love you girl!!!

He Knows My Name said...

fun fun fun : ) janel

Cheryl said...

I grew up going to Panama City Beach. I love the Gulf! The beaches are the best!!!
Hope y'all are having a blast.

Earen said...

OH man...so jealous! I hope you're having a wonderful time! Looks glorious!

connorcolesmom said...

That looks like so much fun!
I am so glad you all are having fun!
Can't wait to see you again
Love ya

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