Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Word and more pictures

Ok...let's get us some daily challenging, chewable word from our beloved teacher, Mama Beth, as we continue to go into Luke 8:8-16.

the 1st phrase that I gave you that can help us achieve the 100-fold harvest for us and our families was...

1. treasure the may read about it below.

The #2 phrase is...

2. Protect your heart

Psalm 119:10-11 says "I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray against your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you."

And, how do we do this in reference to daily living and getting this 100-fold harvest??

She told us something that we probably already know, but maybe don't think of often. The devil DOES NOT want us in the word. He is here to steal and take away from us. Christ came so that we may have HAVE. Devil wants to take away. Christ wants us to HAVE.

Luke 8:11 tells us that the seed is the word of God. We probably know that already. But, what she told us was that every time we expose ourselves to the word of God, He has an accomplishment for us.

Did you hear that??

Every time we get into the word....He has an accomplishment for us. We are the generation for the here and now. Don't be looking for someone else to do the work you have been called to do.
You are IT. I am IT. We are IT.

So...when life begins to happen, remember the word. Let the word be your book for helping you in life.

I'll conclude by saying this....

"When the season of testing exceeds the season of believing, we are headed toward a season of falling."

May need to read that one again. And again.

Protect your hearts dear ones. She showed us that once we know scripture and have it memorized...envision holding your hand over your heart.

Memorizing scripture is key. Write a scripture you find in a devotion or through the Psalms or by just opening the book....and put it on an index card and take it with you until you have it memorized. You'll be surprised by how quickly you "get it."

Now...for some daily pix of our trip to Destin. I really may become a fugitive and hide out here.

I don't wanna go home. :(

Never too old to slide!!

That's all I got time for now...we are off to eat. Y'all...stay in the word and memorize it. It obviously makes a big difference in our walk with Him. It helps in this 100-fold promise that we are finding in Luke 8.

Hugs and blessings~


ocean mommy said...

Oh Fran! This is some good stuff. I've read it twice and going back to read it again!

Sure looks like you're having a wonderful time!!!

Love you girl!

Denise said...

Great post sweetie.

Michelle V said...

Thank you for sharing that, Fran! Have fun with your sweet family!!


Cheryl said...

Something struck me as I read your words, "Devil wants to take away. Christ wants us to have."

It isn't so sad how the father of lies has convinced the world of the exact opposite? The world believes that if they become a Christian, they will have to 'give up' the fun life. They believe Christianity is all about thou shall nots. Oh how I pray that their eyes will be open and that they will see that sin will kill, steal and destroy.

Thanks for sharing!
Love you, living vicariously through your pictures :)!

BethAnne said...

I have missed reading your blog while I was partying with the mice. I really needed to read this word today (actually I really need to read THE WORD today - I have been going full throttle since I got up and havent taken the time I needed to today).

I am so glad you guys got to go to Destin (and jealous too). We were there year before last when FL did their tax free week and we bought all Lakes school clothes at the outlet that Destin.....AJ's, Landry's, and what is that one with the freaky name????? Anyway hope you had a great time.........

Lindsee said...

Pretty family alert! ;)

Love ya-


Toknowhim said...

I saw you 2 or 3 times on the Simulcast recap video... I said "There's Fran" :) Were you on the front row both days?

Love the pictures too...

Linda said...

Thanks for the timely word. She is so right. Christ does want us to have and when I am not in the word I have nothing.
I recognized the picture immediately or at least I think it is Big K I can't spell the second word so I won't even attempt. Have a great time.

He Knows My Name said...

thanks fran for the challenge. i really needed this encouragment today. love the pics water parks were always our favorite choice...everyone has fun. hugs to you dear fran. janel

His Girl said...

totally heard that post in my heart. sooooo glad to read it :)

Jean said...

Fran, I saw on Annie's Eyes that you commented that you are praying for my grandson, CJ. I came over to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I was at Beth's simulcast of the Louisville, KY event last weekend. I almost didn't go because I was so tired, but had others urging me, so I did and what a blessing I would have missed. It was a wonderful teaching event. I am thrilled to have stumbled on your notes! You're going to do the whole thing, right?

Love, Jean

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