Friday, November 21, 2008

Just a mess

It's Friday morning as I type this out and a couple of things are coming to mind that I need to let you know.....

1. 5th grade field trip got cancelled today because it was sooooooo cold. That means this momma has a free day at home. PRAISE GOD!!!

2. I'm doing the 1st half of the Daniel Bible study again. I want you to see the mess of my environment and how I really wasn't prepared to sit down and tackle this. You'll see in a second.

3. My kiddos are going to their grandparents for 24 hours and I'm on a date with hubs and then I'm tackling some Christmas decor tomorrow!! PRAISE GOD AGAIN!!

Ok...let me show you this pitiful environment.

Did you look closely?? I have a coffee cup sitting on some inserts from my ATT bill. I have my home phone standing up. I have my cell phone on top of the Daniel DVD thingy. It's hard to see, but on the left of the computer is my ATT bill that I paid online 3 DAYS AGO PEOPLE along with the earphones that I listen to sermons online with. And, if you could see real red ink, on the ATT bill, is a note to myself to email Kristi. So....lets keep going.

Could you tell that was my Bible sideways?? Could you tell that my notes are on the envelope of my ATT bill??? EXCUSE ME??? How dumb is that?? There is not nearly enough room for notes from Beth Moore's Daniel study on there. I was also too lazy to go upstairs and find my old workbook. Lord, please help me transfer these notes to something a little bit better than a bill.

Me, Beth, and the others in Houston had a wonderful session in Daniel Chapter 1 this morning. Here is a nugget for you....

God has assigned us to this world and this time on planet Earth. Satan has assigned the world to us. Will we influence the world around us or is the world influencing us??

God is up to something with me. He has been for a mighty long time. I don't know the end result just yet. But, through it all, I want to have the integrity that Daniel had.

Have a blessed weekend. I'm so thankful for all of you. You are just so precious to me.
Hugs and blessings~


Michelle V said...

Daniel was a favorite study for me. I ended up doing it 3 times and facilitated it twice. To this day I can recite her little sayings for each chapter of the book of Daniel. And the first half still sticks with me and makes me aware of the excesses all around us!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your date night!!


beckyjomama said...

Your mess is a HUNDRED times cleaner than my "clean"!!!

Daniel was my first Beth study (what an introduction!!!) and I loved it!

Have a fun date with the man!!! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!!)

Teri~Facedown said...

I have not done the Daniel study yet. I want to though! Hope all is well for you Frannie. Have a blessed weekend!

Nichole's Mom said...

I loved Daniel! I always tease my daughter who has shopping issues to "Run Nichole!!! Run from Babylon"!! She doesn't think it's funny. I just wanted to tell you I would pray for you today. I know what it's like to have alot going on! Your blog is too cute!

Your sister siesta,


MelanieJoy said...

We are in week 8 of her Daniel study. The first half was "all for me" it's so what I need to hear. The last half I admit is kicking my tail. It's so good though! I came from this study seeing Daniel in a whole new way. He is now my favorite Hero of Faith. Hope you have a great weekend. Blessings and love your way!

Teresa said...

Have a grand date!!!!

and pray I make it through Sunday!

blessings! and (((hugs)))

Alana said...

I love a day at home...glad you got one!

Lindsee said...

Girlfriend, your 'mess' is so clean. No joke! But, your cracking me up!

Ang baylis said...

Hmmmm... maybe God just spoke to me to do the first half of Daniel again... especially before Christams where we are tempted to overindulge and get SO out of hand with materialism. Jesus really is the reason for the season!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

Susan said...

Knowing God has something up for you/with you is half the means your radar is on and up and roving, ready to receive.

Praying for you. I need to finish up my Daniel study...I can't remember why I had to drop out of the last few sessions but I'm sure it was one of two things: 1) child related (i.e., sports and/or The Difficult Time) or 2) my own attitude problem (i.e., allowing Satan to do a number on me). I just ran across my workbook the other day and I guess I had totally forgotten I didn't do the last few weeks. ya and to me, your work station looks like that of a busy mom and wife who loves the Lord :)

Bev Brandon said...

God so showed up for me in that Daniel study...session #6 and 7 when Jacob wrestled with God. Oooh! Not many people talk about wrestling with God. Beth did an unbelievable job on that one. Praying for you this Thanksgiving week and so grateful for your friendship!

Melinda said...

Are you just feeling a sense of anticipation as God works in you? He's up to something with me, too - all of us, certainly - but right now, it's different. I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than along for the ride!

Love you girl!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

YOu have no idea how much more I love you right now since I know your work space looks exactly like mine. :))

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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