Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The dress

I absolutely ADORE Carrie Underwood!! ADORE HER. Could she be any cuter?? Could she please stay grounded and unaffected by crazy Hollywood, too?? She has a voice that is killer. Oh, and have you seen her flawless skin?? Stunning. I secretly wanna be her. ;)

BUT....the dress already. Please Carrie and Mrs. Stylist.....let's find something a little bit, oh I don't know, less large. MY WORD DID YOU SEE THE THING???? Why of course you did. It takes up half the photo!!! The CMA's were super despite the dress.

She's still super and I love her tremendously. Do you think she'll be wearing this thing for Easter morning to church? Could you just imagine the stares as she entered into church? I hope she can go to church somewhere. I bet she does. She's a God fan. Reason #357 on why I love her.

So, do you "do the dress" on Easter morning?? Does "the dress" stress you out?? What's your Easter outfit look like? Have you even thought about it?

I'll be cute and casual Sunday morning. I like to be able to pick up kids, sit on the floor with them, and let them crawl on me if they want and I can't let "the dress" hinder them. Or me! :)

Would love to hear about your Easter dress!!

Love y'all....


beckyjomama said...

I usually get a new dress for Easter, but this year I am wearing my PJ's - I am in a drama and play a cancer patient, so no dress, no makeup and hair hidden behind scarves. Hmmm, looks like I can sleep in a bit!

Anonymous said...

"The Dress" stresses me out for a few reasons:

1. Our church just doesn't dress up much anymore. If I wear a traditional "Easter dress" I will probably stand out like a sore thumb. Probably something new, comfortable, "Spring-like" (not black) will do. We teach 2nd grade Sunday School and will probably have a bazillion kids in our hour alone. Tasteful, Springlike, Practical -- those are the words I'm thinking.

2. My daughter doesn't like to wear dresses! Ugh! I finally got her to agree to a skirt.

3. I wait until the last minute. It is Wednesday and I still have nothing for any of us! I'm shopping either this afternoon or tomorrow.

Now...Carrie's dress....

I didn't see the entire show. Did she wear this throughout -- I didn't think she did. Was it just an effect for the performance? I can't imagine her wearing that down the red carpet and didn't they have to bring in a cart to take her off the stage after her song? If it was an effect for the performance, it was LARGE! If she walked down the red carpet, was she on wheels?

Tammy said...

the dress,
causes stress!

I am not a dress up girl, never have been and unless I sustain some sort of mind altering bump to the head, I never will be.

I do have a few skirts I like to wear on random occasions. And, actually today I will make an attempt at a new cute little something for Sunday. However, my daughter has a snappy cute new dress. :-)_

Mary said...

I'll be wearing Carrie's dress for Easter. No. I won't. I have nursery duty on Easter and LOVE it. Lots of visitors that day. I'll be dressed in something easy to move in and cute!! That's what I always go for -- cute and comfortable.

Shelly said...

You are hysterical!
Listen, I cain't lie...if I had an opportunity and place to wear that dress, I totally would. I'm completely shameless for big puffy dresses.

As for Easter, I'm not sure it's going to be warm enough here for me to bust out a fun dress. But if I could, I'd go find one (once again) with some sass and frills :) Oh, and of course high heels are a must.

Shelley said...

Wow, that was quite a dress!

I'm actually kind of excited about "the dress" this year. I'll be wearing I size I haven't worn in a few years, a smaller size. :) That makes me happy! So I bought a new dress, nothing too fancy, just a simple pretty dress with some heeled sandals that I feel pretty in!

AnnaNicole said...

Well, I have a dress that I can wear for Sunday. I wore it last week at my parents Passion Play since I won't be going home for Easter. But part of me is like, why bother, because I will be covering it up under a robe all day Sunday! Oh well! I will still wear it!

As far as Carrie's dress...I would love to try it on, stand in front of a mirror and see how I look. Im sure, though, that once I decided to move in it, I would fall flat on my face, because I am just talented like that. And the train on that dress would not help me out at all, well, maybe it would provide something soft to land on?!

connorcolesmom said...

Wow that is a BIG dress
I mean WOW!
Not sure I would have worn it but I think she is adorable not matter what
As far as Easter morning I do not have a clue what I am wearing
I use to go out and buy all these new outfits and stuff and now I don't
I am with you cute and casual is my plan!
Much love

Latte With Me said...

I had considered wearing something similar to Carrie's! You think it's a little much? ;)

Mary Lou said...

That is some dress. I haven't bought a new outfit for Easter in so many years that I have no idea when I bought the last new one. I don't really wear dresses anymore...skirts and tops, sweater sets etc. Bought a few new tops to celebrate my recent weight loss but no new skirts. It really doesn't bother me whether I have anything new or not. Used to be the new outfit for Spring...but guess I've "outgrown" that idea, ha, ha....Thanks for this post...very interesting to see that most of us aren't really concerned about having something new for Easter. Blessings on your Easter worship.

Janelle said...

Actually no dress for me this year. I am on the hunt for THE perfect wide-leg trousers. That just has Easter written all over it! NOT!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is SOME dress!

re: Easter duds
I haven't thought about it because the dress does stress me out. I'm with you. I will still be fairly casual. God doesn't care what I wear! :) He's more concerned with the inside after all.

Meli n Pat said...

I wish I could wear the cutest 50's style dress with a wide waist ribbon and a full skirt, complete with a white hat of some sort! Seriously. I would. I live in Alaska, so the weather does not cooperate with my strangely southern desires. In fact, I haven't worn a real dress in years and I think it's even been a while for a skirt. It only got up to 70 degrees twice last summer, but I have hope for this year when I can again, don the dress - just not for Easter!

Lindsee Lou said...

I totally missed to ACM's, but I have seen this picture around a lot lately. However, I have to say that I am a sucker for big, poofy dresses. My prom dress was big and poofy. But yes, it is abnormally large on her teeny little body! But she is darling.

As for my dress for Easter. I'm not too sure yet. I think I might do the whole white pant thing this year. We'll have to see!

His Girl said...

Children's ministry isn't exactly fancy-friendly. Anything I wear has to be able to bend, stretch, run, and be fluid-resistant.

so, yoga pants and sneakers.

kidding. I usually just wear a skirt and fancier shoes.

Linda said...

Love Carrie Underwood, the dress.. not so much. Way too big. I usually focus on getting the boys something new and can always find something in my closet for me. Hope you have a great weekend. He is Risen!

ocean mommy said...

That is some serious fabric!!! I think I could do curtains for each window in my house out of the skirt of that dress!!! WOW...

Easter dress issues used to stress me out. BIG.TIME. Yesterday, I went shopping for myself and found 2 dresses...not "Easter dresses", but I will probably wear one of them on Sunday. (Since our worship pastor gave us the okay for the choir to wear something other than our normal dark pants/solid color tops!)

Have a wonderful Easter!!!

Praise and Coffee said...

Ugh, still trying to figure out what to wear!
I thought I'd see if I could borrow Carrie's!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Alana said...

I think I'm going to go with one I already have in my closet, but the boys got new duds! ;-)

Cheryl said...

That dress makes me think of the evil octopus witch in The Little Mermaid...what's her name? anyway!

Definitely no new dress for me this year! But I don't usually stress about it anyway.

Happy Easter, He is Risen!!!!!

annie's eyes said...

That is a strange dress. But I really stopped by to wish you the most blessed of days with your family. Happy Easter, Fran. Love, Annette

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