Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekend randomness

Hallelujah it's Friday!!!! This means we are that much closer to the end of the school year. We are down to single digits. PRAISE GOD!!!!

Here's some stupid mess in my head that I'll entertain or bore you with:

1. The weather people are getting on my nerves with their acting like they actually control all this rain we are getting. I'm sorry, but they aren't in charge of the rain. They need to settle down. It's Spring Flood 2009....... Ick.

2. I really do love the 30 day Shred. I really do. Jillian isn't all that. She's a big ole teddy bear. ;)

3. I really do love my BFF's in the social networking world. Who woulda thunk? Y'all are fabulous!!

4. Never loved Bible study more.

5. My house still smells like cinnamon rolls and it's a yummy thing that I cannot partake in thanks to #2 above.

6. I am going to spend the weekend with my family in Alabama watching 2 of my boys play baseball. I wouldn't want to spend Mother's day any other way.

7. I'm dreaming of the beach.

8. I want to be a better servant to the hurting and poor.

9. Does Jennifer Aniston ever look "not cute?"

10."Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves." Philippians 2:3

One more thing...I'm still a wreck after reading all the posts from the Compassion bloggers trip to India last week. They wrecked me and my heart and I'm changed because of them. So grateful for that.

Love on the women in your life that have made a difference in your life.

Hugs and blessings~


Anonymous said...

I'm dreaming of the beach too. I don't know if it is because of the lack of sun we've had in Middle Tennessee but I am so ready for a little reading time under an umbrella. Oh, that will be so nice.

Now off to try to be content in today.

beckyjomama said...

OK, here is my list...

#2 - I agree, but I still think if I don't do the pushups she is gonna come out of the TV and hurt me. But then hug me and talk me through the reasons why I am holding myself back.

#3 - Me too .... especially one's named Frannie!

#4 Ditto. Gimme more!

#5 - Banana muffins here. Dern!

#7 - I am dreaming of a beach BODY!

#9 - Yep

#8 and your "one more thing" - I am BROKEN! And I wanna stay this way. Thank you!

Love you!

connorcolesmom said...

I am so thankful that school is ALMOST OVER!!
Our last day is next Friday
Praise God!
I love the Shred also
Jillian is a teddy bear - love her
I did not know there were things we were not suppose to eat though - hmm... I need to check that out
Have a GREAT mothers day weekend
Love you

BethAnne said...

Love ya girl!

ocean mommy said...

Amen to #2, 7, and 8. AND 3!!!!

I love you girl!

Praying that you have a safe and wonderful Mother's Day with those handsome boys!


HIS Child said...

Have a wonderful time supporting your boys. You are an awesome Mom, faithful to love, support, cheer and teach the blessings of your young princes. I know HE highly esteems you dear friend. Have a blessed Mother's Day, and cheer like crazy.

Much love,

Fiffer said...

Hey Fran! Just found your blog through the LPM blog and I love meeting siestas!! I met the mother of all siestas yesterday when she spoke in Lancaster -- check out my blog for the pictures!

I too am aching as I think of India in a whole new teenage girls ended up sponsoring a little boy through reading Melissa's blog.

Also, I am TOTALLY with you on the whole sports thing you wrote about a few posts back. Yeah it is unbelievable. And worse yet is that Sunday has become a perfectly acceptable day to have practices now. We try at all costs to protect Sunday as a family day and it gets harder and harder.

Blessings to you! Happy Mothers Day!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Have a great weekend Fran! Wear sun screen!

Mary Lou said...

Have a great week end. Enjoy those boys and this time in your life. Each season of life is a blessing with the Lord in it, as He is in yours. May you have great weather, we are swimming up here today, so I imagine it's raining at your place not that far "up"the road, ha, ha...Blessings and hugs..Mary Lou

Mary R Snyder said...

The compassion India posts and pictures are still with me and I don't want to get over them.

I think you rock! Have a wonderful Mom's Day weekend!!

Ang baylis said...

Happy Mother's Day, Fran! I appreciate your authenticity on the LPM blog and on here as well.
I. Love. You!!!
Angie xoxo

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