Monday, November 16, 2009

Middle school and memories....oh, the joy!

First of all...a huge PRAISE!!! I actually survived the first 2 and half days of work! Can you believe it??!! I did not die. The family was fed. We all slept. The house was somewhat picked up and the laundry was done!!!

Your prayers and love mean the absolute world to me. I'm thanking God for you every day and asking Him to bless you and your sweet families just as He is doing for me.

Oh, God is so good. I'm just so stinkin' grateful! He's amazing to me. He's truly all about our details and that blows me away. Little ole me. He tends to me.

Ok...moving along.

There is ALWAYS some drama going on over here in our land and currently it is middle school.
Let's just say that I'm not a fan of the middle school years. Actually, I think it's because I feel as if I don't know what I'm doing any more.

I have 2 boys in middle school right now. I'd love to hear a funny story, something that stands out as good or bad from your middle school years, or maybe something that you wish someone told you or did for you.

Now...back in the day....we didn't have cell phones so we might have talked on the phone to a boy, but I truly doubt it. So...I don't have any strong memories with boys, but I do have a memory of being introduced to "All My Children" by a friend named Allison and I thought I was going to be grounded for life if my mom found out. HA!

To this day...I can catch a glimpse of AMC and might watch for a little bit. It's been 28 years people and Erica Kane is still there!!! Wow.

Ok...let's talk middle school. It's really not that bad is it?

Whatcha got??

Come'll be fun!

And, be sure and pray for all the middle school kids and their parents if you think about it. ;)



Anonymous said...

Well, girl, you know I have a middle schooler and I actually caught myself saying this the other day:

"I'll be glad when he goes to high school next year because Middle School is the armpit of the education process!"

It hasn't been that bad and my boy has faired really well. But I absolutely hated middle school. Why? One word...


I have never been more awkward than when I was in middle school and I have the pictures to prove it.

My one "boy memory" was someone we will call Eric D. He was an 8th grader an I was in 7th. We were in chorus together and he could sing the heck out of Edelweiss!

He was a Christian and I had my eyes set on him. When he "graduated" to high school, I actually wrote him letters during the summer because I missed him and thought we should be married.


The thought of his mom reading those letters (because you KNOW she did) STILL makes me crazy!

Fastforward to 1991. I was having dinner with my future husband and some other single friends from church and who walks in to the restaurant and SITS. DOWN. RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. ME???

Oh yes...Eric D.

Heart still skipped a beat and then I just laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed because I thought how odd it was that something that happened in middle school could still make me feel giddy and embarrassed all these years later!

Wonder if he kept my letters! wink

That's all I got!



Mary R Snyder said...

Fran -- as a Mom middle school was tough on me. It's the years when my babies started to really spread their wings. Friendships began to form that go beyond the playground. The tough road to adulthood begins.

It's a confusing time, but it's also filled with excitement. Now, remember I'm a girl Mom (or Mom of girls, you know what I mean) and girls handle things very different. MS was also the time when girls get meaner and cliques are formed. It can be hard on all kids.

Middle school is the time when our little ones began the long process that will take them from our nest to their own. These are the years when they begin to work out their own identity beyond the family. It's when they begin to value friendships and relationships.

It's an awkward time -- for all! I cried many tears with my girls in those years, but I learned that those tears prepare them for the next steps on the journey.

Also, after MS high school is a breeze! Truly! I love being the mom of a high schooler -- much easier on the psyche and on the heart.

Praying for you.

Midwest Nest said...

Middle School years are hard. I have a daughter and a son and they both were different. My daughter dealt with social issues while my son missed grade school and having one teacher pay attention to him.

One funny thing my son did was...he was assigned to read Robinson Crusoe in 6th grade and when we went to our first teacher's meeting the teacher told us he had done poorly on the book test. We quizzed him about reading the book and come to find out, he read the Wishbone edition to Robinson Crusoe called "Robinhound Crusoe". Always one to cut corners or try to take an easier route! We instructed him to next time read the actual book.

beckyjomama said...

I have a few years before the whole middle school drama takes over my life ... Thank You LORD!

But I DO remember that in MS, for me, it was Days Of Our Lives ... awww yeah, that was some good TV entertainment! OH, and Luke & Laura too ... yeah.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I have boys and my biggest middle school issues have to do with overzealous GIRLS! I'm really blessed to have a great kid who doesn't buy into drama and it does help that our school is tiny.

As for my middle school - hated it. Our jr high burned down (my redneck cousin did it) so we had to be integrated with high school where they picked on us mercilessly. This was also the period of time I discovered shoe jewels and wore rhinestones on my feet every single day. That made me feel better.

Can anyone say 'rambling comment'? :)

3girlsmom said...

I got nothing for you on this one. Nada. Haven't been there, done that yet with my kiddos.
Now I do remember Middle School and secretly watching Dirty Dancing at a friend's house when it had been FORBIDDEN. (Ah, who am I kidding. I totally called home and asked for permission first. I'm a wimp.) But past that, I got nothing for ya.
However, we will enter the middle school years in this house in 2 1/2 years. So I will bookmark this post and come back then.

Teri~Facedown said...

Do you really want to hear bad news?? Having all of my children three years apart means I have NINE years of Middle School. NINE stinkin' YEARS! I can't believe I didn't consider that when I was having my babies! ;)

Honestly Fran, you and Chip are amazing parents--and while you may feel as if having middle schoolers has sucked your brain out--you are going to be just fine! I believe it's God's way of keeping us at His feet! :) He has given you what you need AT THE TIME YOU NEED IT! You can trust Him for that!

I'm hanging right there with you...for the next SIX years! :)

Love you so much friend!

Fran said...

Y'all make me laugh so hard and Teri is exactly right....these years keep us AT HIS FEET!!!! :)

annie's eyes said...

I'm loving reading the comments as much as I did your post. Glad work is going well. Middle school was for us was, in a word, fragile. They were desperate to be popular and just as desperate to keep their wits about them--unfortunately, it was an either/or situation. Somehow, we made it--and maybe the better news for you is, I made it! Moms survive, too.

You are a great mom, Fran, and all your boys (*I include Chip) adore you. I love all three equally, but there is something special about a mother son relationship. To this day, my 27 yr. old can steal my heart with a single word.

Love, Annette

Georgia Jan said...

Fran: I promise not to go crazy with news about middle school boys (like I did on our FB prayer thread last month)!

But I can tell you - I remember finding a "note" with all those tricky folds and tucks and squirrely drawings and flare UNDER my son's bed when he was in 7th grade.

I read it and then crawled to find my husband...LORD HELP ME! We "Commenced to praying" as my Granny used to say. Our boy was fine, but some girls were hot on his trail and we wanted to be on guard ever more!


Now as for me, back in the day, when I was in 7th grade, a horrible thing happened, but it is funny now. A boy named Stuart like me. Well, he liked me SO MUCH that he decided to trip me as I was going down the flight of stairs in our old school to the first floor while classes were changing. I fell and my Social Studies book became my "sled" and I flew down that long flight of stairs.

When I landed at the bottom my dress was twisted and wrapped around my head...and it was not lovely. (Girls had to wear dresses back then to school - public school!) It makes me laugh so hard today.

Another big boy came up and punched Stuart out and I decided I would like him :) Hilarious memory!

You are so loved!

GA Jan

Shelly said...

For real, middle school wasn't as bad for me as highschool was - THAT one was the stinker!

You know what makes me laugh - the first co-ed dances that you can attend in middle school. I think I did in 7th and 8th grade. Parents fear for what could happen. But let me assure you, there is too much awkwardness and fear for anyone to cross the boy-girl line! lol! My oh my it's a horrible and fun place to be all at the same time.

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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