Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Help me. I'm confused. Maybe I'm just old.

Let me introduce to you Lady Gaga. You'll soon see her below. That is all I know about her. All I know is a weird name. Oh wait...she was born in 1986 and her name is Stephanie. Let me also say that my name is Fran and I was born in 1970. I'm quite a bit older than Miss Gaga. I guess maybe Madonna was the closest thing I had to a Gaga when I was in high school.

Let me also say that I'm not the creative type AT ALL. People who scrapbook and can paint on canvas and turn rooms around in a minute make me so very anxious to be around. I am the unequipped one. God clearly left that gene out of my pool and I'm ok with that. The world doesn't need a bunch of Fran's running around. Geesh.

But, I am having a hard time with the Gaga. Is this ok for her to dress like this? Am I just horribly old now? Have I become my mother? Please tell me no.

Now, I know Madonna wore some freakish things back in the day. I totally wanted to be her. Yes. Roll your eyes now. And, these might have been my favorite Madonna looks of all time.

Ok, so here is the first outfit of Miss Lady Gaga from last nights Grammy's. What is this? Anyone? Please? Help? She's in pain isn't she?

Ok, so what in the world is this outfit? Please explain to me. Or is it simply "art?" She does look scared to death and part of me feels sorry for her. But...hey! What about chick behind you? Don't you know she's ticked. I think it's quite clear that dude is totally staring. Don't blame ya man.

Again...slightly bizarre. I have nothing else.

And...then you have this one....all i can do is laugh. How hilarious is this one really? I can't help but think of what Robyn and I would side by side in the get up!!!!! Ohmywordabove this is great!

And then apparently there was a number with Lady Gaga and Elton John. I didn't see it. I read some stuff on twitter that kinda clued me in as to what people were saying. So, my question is.....

Do I just roll with it and the popularity of Gaga or do I think "what in the world is happening to society and the entertainment industry?" Or do I think it's all innocent expression of art? Or have we gone to far? Or am I 93?

Heck, I don't know what to make of all this. I wonder if my mom thought Madonna was just like this? I'm sure she did.

And, the next thing I wonder is.....be careful what you say about someone because someone WILL hear you and even possibly call you out on it. What if you said..."Lady Gaga (insert any name for that matter) is a fruitcake and has lost her mind!!" Someone might catch wind of your statement and then you have gone and lost your witness.

Geesh. The Grammy's and Pete Wilson's message on Sunday has messed with me.

Anyone dare help?


Mel @ Studio MCA Designs said...

I really don't know what to say. I'm a little bit artistic but about this - I am clueless.

(sticking head back into the sand)

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Ok, help me out here....what is her calling life? Singing? Acting? Just generally looking weird? I've heard the name but have not experienced her talent..whatever that may be.

Unfortunately these are the kind of people who are role models for the kids that are growing up today. Think I might use some pictures of her in this new Bible study I am writing on the legacy that we leave to those who come behind!!! Wonderful case study!!


Patty said...

I had a convo with my brother and son about a situation that came up where someone we knew went to Europe and visited a beach and well, lets just say they(Europeans, not our friends) don't bother with swimsuits. This person went on to say, well, it was shocking at first but that's just the way they are and you get used to it.

We aren't supposed to get used to it. I am not judging them, Lady Gaga, etc... but we may live here but we are not of this world. We are aliens and I guess that is why we question or feel uncomfortable with Gaga etc...

Mandy conforth said...

I was born in 76...& I love her music. I watched an interview she did where she explained why she wears odd shaped things as well as why she always wears short things. She's not for everyone, but her music is widely listened to.

My girls love her music, but only get to listen to maybe 3 of her songs. I've explained why she dresses odd. The girls just think she's creative so people will be intrigued & buy her music. Bingo.

She's smart. She's selling to the pop music crowd & the art/fashion crowd by her costuming.

3girlsmom said...

I'm REALLY trying to think of a witty response to the nude/faceless/iceskater outfit. But I'm laughing too hard.

I also feel bad for the guy in the 2nd picture in the red jacket with the gold cords on it. Poor guy made it all the way to the GRAMMYS and got to sit behind icicle girl. Sadly, he didn't get to see any of the show even though his seat rocked.

And I'm not a Lady Gaga fan. Not a hater, either. Kinda indifferent about her. Her wardrobe, however, makes me laugh. SO interesting.

Valerie said...

The first time I ever seen Lady Gaga she was in white and had blood all over her. It was nasty. I had stopped watching any awards show and then I decided to watch that one. It was the same one (I think) that Adam what's his name decided to - well we all know what he did. I guess I am old too because I just don't get it. I love art and I love to paint but for the life of me I do not see that as any form of art!! Oh and I to have been pondering Pete Wilsons' message!! Making me think. lol

Susan said...

My gaga thoughts: she has to dress like that cuz she ain't got no singing talent that I can see.

'Course that's just me.

Teri~Facedown said...

#1--I heard shoulder pads were coming back. It looks like the Lady is singlehandedly spear heading that campaign.

#2--She is appealing to the generation that will support "out of the box" because they've been taught to be tolerant all of their lives.

#3--She came here in concert a few weeks ago and a couple of my friends went with their teenage daughters. The moms loved the concert too.

#4--I feel old now too, because I don't get her draw.

beckyjomama said...

My mama (and Pete Wilson) says if you can't say somethin nice, then just shut.it.

So ... ya know ... I am shuttin it!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I think in all honesty...Lady Gaga, or whoever; its is about the fact that nothing phases us enough anymore.
Its called, " Affluence".
We have so much subconsciously enter our brains, and don't realize it.
But the point is. This person is trying to make a statement for herself for whatever reason. I am sure it will just be one of the many shocking things we have to add that people will look like and do in 2010.

A Stone Gatherer said...

I absolutely pay no attention!!!! NUTS!!!

Profbaugh said...

I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga, but I will say I understand what she's doing. She's not really a singer. . I think she would agree with that. She's a performance artist. When I first encountered performance art some 10+ years ago I thought, "what the heck?" But now, I get it. I can be good, It can be weird. It can be bad. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, I'm with the majority of you here. I don't like Lady Gaga, but then again, I don't think I'm supposed to get her. That's part of the message, I think. If she's truly a talent, time will tell. As for me I'm voting with my checkbook. And this one is a "no buy."


3GirlsDaddy said...

That is one weird DUDE!!!!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

So funny girl!!! I am in the same boat with you. Loved Madonna cannot "get" what gaga is...Maybe it is art. Either way it is a sad life to live like that. No real you to be found out in all that get up or maybe that is the purpose. Who knows but you are not alone!!!
Much love,

Anonymous said...

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