Sunday, May 9, 2010

Full circle....and it's goooooood!!!

Hi friends!!! Well, I know you are anxious to hear of the new gig I have going on since I left the Doc's office. And, boy am I sooooo very excited. It really is a full circle experience for me.

I am working for the coalition in my town that brings education and awareness to underage drinking and drug use. It is a phenomenal opportunity to give back to a cause that means so very much to me. Fortunately, but unfortunately, I know a little something about this area of a teens life.

Last week I had the opportunity to bring a guy into my kids school. His name is Blake McMeans.
Blake was the NUMBER FOUR tennis player IN THE NATION back in the early 90's. He began drinking when he was 12 and found himself involved in a drunk driving accident right before he was going to the University of Tennessee. He was in a coma for nearly 4 months and spent years in recovery. He is partially paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair today. Now he goes out to teens telling his story and pleading for them to not get behind the wheel of a car drunk. Please visit Blake's website and watch the short video that is just a glimpse into what he shows at his talks.

I had the honor of bringing him to our school, spending some wonderful quality time with him, his buddy James, who travels with him, and realizing just how passionate I am about this cause and this new "job."

Here is a picture of Blake coming to the podium out of his wheelchair to speak to the kids. You could hear a pin drop it was so quiet. The kids have just watched the PBS video that tells Blake's story. This guy is amazing. I know he made a difference in the life of at least one child.

Here is Blake talking to one of the High School teachers.

The line of students to come talk to Blake was beautiful to see. Some kids shared a lot, some kids simply said thank you. Some kids were emotionally moved and fighting back the tears.

This week I'm at a conference for this new gig of mine and feel strange being away from my family, but I'm thankful for this opportunity to learn how we can do the absolute best for our community in educating others about underage drinking.

Ok, on a totally different note, my precious neighbor made these for my front door! Behold the beauty! I'm thrilled!!! Thank you Beth for your service. You are gifted girlfriend!!

And, here are my guys that I miss. You know I miss hubs, but I didn't take his picture before I left. ;)

And, looky here....did you know that you can mail someone a ball of encouragement??? Oh yes you can!!!! How cool is this?? Found this at my backdoor one day with all my other mail. It is written on, stickers put on, stamped, and delivered!!! I love you Abby. You are so dear to this heart of mine.

Have a beautiful week! So thankful for each of you.
Be blessed and be a blessing to someone today!



Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I am so proud of you Fran! Looks like a great event.

And the ball? I was thinking little bouncy ball...bahaha..Only Abby Lane! So was it inside a box or actually stamped on the outside? I'm totally jacking this idea if you can stamp a ball.

Love to you my friend..have fun at the conference!

HisTreasuredPossession said...

This is soooo wonderful!! My heart is overjoyed at all He is doing in your life. And I love theat Abby Lane too. Sooo creative!

Lauren Kelly said...

WOW, powerful!! What a story!!!

Dori said...

WHOA! What a privilege to watch as God puts you in exactly the position you were more than likely wired and designed to fill!!!

So very proud of you, Fran!

Love you,

P.S. That is SOME ENORMOUS bouncy ball!!! :)

Mary R Snyder said...

I'm absolutely THRILLED for you! I just knew this new job would be a fit -- you have such a passion for the Lord and for His children, it's no wonder you love this new gig.

And I LOVE the bouncy ball! LOVE it!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Fran, This is so cool. When God lines up our experience and passion and writes redemption over it all and then uses it to bless others. Thrilled for you--and all those who will be blessed as a result!

Lindsee Lou said...

Love everything about this post, my friend. Especially the ball.

Kelly S. said...

Congratulations! What an exciting job....and the opportunity to make a difference not only in your community, but possibly with your children, and thier peers. LOVE IT!

...and love the ball!

AbbyLane said...

how did i miss the ball on the blog. bless my heart.

PAS for life. love you mean it.

and i'm still marrying D.

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