Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Ok, I am more than ready for summer. I'm ready for the no schedules, no early morning mad dashes to school, lots of late nights, friends, tons of laughter, playing outside until whenever we can't take it any more, and our annual summer beach trip, and on and on and on.....

Don't we all agree??

However, if you are like my friend Susan who lives in Virginia.....get this....they don't get out of school UNTIL JUNE 24th PEOPLE!!!!!

How is that for insane??

Bless 'em all in Virginia.

Ok, but here is a SUPER CRAZY THING I SAW TODAY....

Are you ready for these???

Do you realize what these things are???

They are insane if you ask me and I won't be buying any. And, really, I'm sorry if you have some. They are technically called the strapless sandal. These are sandals that literally just stick to the bottom of your feet. There is no strap thing across the top of your foot or in your toes. There is NOTHING on the top of your foot.

I just can't take them. Personally, and no offense, they are weird.

Puh-leeeeze just get you some darling Yellow Box flip flops and move on in cute style.

I do love y'all. Happy Summer!

And, here's to super cute flip flops with a strap across the top.


beckyjomama said...

So ... HOW do they just stick to your feet? And, what happens if you wear them to the beach? How do you NOT get sand stuck to em? I am clearly too confused to wear shoes like that there...

Or, perhaps, I am clearly too SMART to wear shoes like that there.

Michelle V said...

WHAT???? I was looking at the picture thinking they were flip-flops and not realizing what the big deal was. STRAPLESS? STICK TO YOUR FEET? Umm, no thank you!

Susan said...

Ew. And I'm not sure I, or Brett, is going to make it to June 24! UGH.

Hugs :)

Jennifer said...

Hahaha! I will not be getting a pair of these anytime soon! How crazy!

3girlsmom said...

Um, I'm sorry. Huh?

And if you think I'm not clicking that link to check these bad boys out a little further, then you must not know me. Curious George, over here, and proud of it. Or CSI - either one. ;)

And June 24 sounds like it should be illegal. I'm having a hard time waiting till next Tuesday.

Cheryl said...

I'm with Beckyjomama, can you imagine the yucky-ness of all the stuff stuck to them?! Gross!

People are soooo stupid sometimes!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Stick to your feet? Ughhh!! When you take them off and step on the floor do you then stick to the floor? That is lame. Sorry, but I will be joining you in NOT having any of these.


Lauren Kelly said...

Who in the world ever thought of those shoes? Just plain weird!!

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