Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Time to get it into gear....but first a little detox.

We ate so much food while on vacation. Some was delicious. Some was not so delicious. My digestive system is in a bit of shock now that we are home and my boring routine food is back in my tummy again.

Sleep is whacked out. Digestive system is whacked out. But, what is killing me........


As my friend Abby says....."what the junk?"

I'm going into vacation detox and then heading to Walmart for school supplies.

Stupid, I tell ya.

Please tell me we all start school this early. PLEASE!!!!


Susan said...

Remember back in May when y'all were jumping up and down about being out of school and I was moaning cuz my kids were still in?

Our kids go back to school September 7.

And it will NEVER get here!

Teri~Facedown said...

Yeah, we definitely don't go back until September 7th as well--but I'm really happy about that! :)

Mary said...

Fran, my baby girl starts her SENIOR year on August 12th. Oh my stars!!

Deb said...

This MN family starts September 7th. We're savoring every day. August 9th is way too early!!!

connorcolesmom said...

Girl - I feel your pain
I am dreading school starting
Summer has just flown by
And your boys have gone from
"cute little boys"
to handsome young men!
I miss you~

~cassie~ said...

We start August 2nd!!! Ugh!!! Not ready for summer to end....

Carolyn said...

Oh, my, the 9th! That is harsh. We are 8/24, but we have to go to school until around June 6, so I guess it evens out somehow. Looks like you guys had a fun trip! We likewise are trying to get our systems back in order after eating too much and staying up too late most of the summer... I can relate. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Heather said...

Fran, I love you, but we don't start school for 4 weeks. I love these pics, and my digestive system is all out of whack too!!

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