Monday, August 2, 2010

Teenage years.....pray a lot and love your hair wizard!

Well, detox is complete. And, I'm referring to the post vacation detox. Trying to get myself and these kiddos back on some kind of track, but I'm realizing they are having "end of the summer blues." Bless 'em. I think I hear a school bell ringing. ;)

I wanted to share a few pix of celebrating my oldest turning 14. Did you hear that? He is 14. Oh geez. How did I manage to have a child at 15? Oh, I kid. I'm 30 and not 29.

A few things to note when you have two teenagers that have really stopped me dead in my tracks...

*Not a shocker on this one, but parents do not parent the same. This gets especially interesting when you hit these teenage years. I'm learning just how conservative I am.

*This world is NUTS and you must know how to parents these teens. If you don't know what you are doing, find a friend or mentor who has walked the road and parents similar to you!

*I'm sick of beer and alcohol being "normal." I don't want my kids growing up in a bubble, but man we are competing against some pretty clever marketers. Movies and tv are just as bad. We gotta stay on top of what our kids are watching.

*GREATEST lesson at this stage....these kids are watching your every move. They are watching IT ALL. They are taking it all in. They want to see if things "line up" like you've been saying all these years.

*Talk, talk, talk, talk to your kids about EVERYTHING...and I mean everything. And not just the one time talk about sex, alcohol, drugs, bullying, mean kids, etc. Keep the conversation going and going and going. Find great resources for your area that can help you. It's a must!

Would you like to see some pix of the birthday celebration? Some are at my inlaws house and their pool. Some pix are here at our house with my mom and dad. Some pix are at Outback because the boy gets to pick the place.

Here is dad and birthday boy Clay and Dylan!

Me and Tyler!

The gang!

Swimming at the inlaws.......someone must be weird and mess up the cute pic. ;)

Playing some made up game that last FOREVAH!

His hair is like a porcupine when wet.

Handsome 14 year old

Oh great mom....this is stupid!

The homemade birthday cake!

Everyone but me and my dad :(

This makes me laugh because they are laughing. Awwwww!

I'll be writing a book on surviving the teen years. I need some distraction because I think all we do is pray every other minute, and sit in the hair wizard chair to cover all the grey that comes in by the day. ;)

Happy August!
Hugs and blessings~


connorcolesmom said...

Oh bless your heart!
I can not believe how fast the kids are growing up
This is Connor's last year in elementary school - it makes my heart hurt!!!
Your tips are right on - I am conservative as well and I am noticing that each day brings a new challenge - sigh!
Miss you

Cheryl said...

Great pics!
My girl will be 13 in November....oh my!

I heard a great piece of parenting advice the other day(may be a little long!)
Typically when our kids are young and ask why, we parents give some long drawn out explanation and they are not developmentally able to understand. But when they get to be teens and ask why, we typically just say, "because I said so."
When in actuality we should take the opposite approach. When they're young, we should just say "because I said so." And when they're teens and can better understand, then give them the explanations.
I don't remember where I heard this, I'm pretty sure it was someone on Focus on the Family. I know it was a Christian speaker, because I don't listen to anything other than the Christian radio station.
But I thought it was great advice. I remember hating it when my mom would tell me "because I said do."

Love you girl!!!!

Betsy said...

Raising teenagers will wear you out, won't it??!! I hear you, girl! But your boys are so cute and they are lucky to have you for a mom. :)

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

YOur boys are adorable. Please don't tell the birthday boy that I said that he does NOT look 14. Looking forward to seeing you in Sept. Praying hard for you as do the gIRL guide thing!!


Teri~Facedown said...

Looks like a great time of celebration! :) I can't even believe that my PJ is going to high school, and turning 15! Please God, stop time, m'kay?? ;)

Hope all is well!

Mamacita said...

As the Mom of a 15yo girl, I can relate! Your points are spot on. Prayer ++++

Georgia Jan said...

Fran - I love these pictures and I love me some BOYS - as the Mom of two, and Gran Jan to two (with one sweet granddaughter to soften us all) - I can't help it!

Girl, your "talk, talk, talk, talk" to your teens is the best advice I can confirm! We talked with our boys about everything - no subject was off limits, and we told them the TRUTH - based on God's Word and our family's priorities and values.

You are such a blessing to me!

Love you much,

Wander said...

Gosh you are so cute!
YES raising teens is a whole new life adventure!
My oldest is a sophomore in college (Indiana Univ) and is 20 years old.
Now is the time I get to actually see the benefits of the INVESTMENT hubby and I made in his life. He loves Christ and isn't ashamed to be different in a very liberal college atmosphere. Blesses me, girl!
Our girls both teenagers are in high school. 17 & almost 16.
They are amazing! I love the young women they are and the relationship I have with them.
But you are right on target with it's very important to stay on top of this parenting thing!
I work at their high school and believe me....all families are not concerned with raising Godly kids!
It's such a sad shame!

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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