Monday, January 24, 2011

So some things happened

I published the post on my parenting revelation, that is found below, and was ready to share some other cool things happening within our home and then BAM Joanne had her stroke. The morning was 1-11-11. If you are friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter then you know that Joanne has consumed my every thought and request for prayer. I still can't believe what that sweet woman has endured, what her husband has endured, what her precious girls have endured. It just tears our hearts to pieces doesn't it?

Our friend, Holly, put up a post on her blog and I cannot get it out of my mind. These were Holly's words on what kind of friend Joanne is. If you are like me, I tried to find myself in these sentences. I was unsuccessful for the most part. Joanne is teaching me SO MUCH about life. See what you think. Are you in there?

This is the kind of friend who sends flowers, when she's praying for me.

This is the kind of friend, who invites me over for lunch and then gives ME a gift basket.

This is the kind of friend, who shares deep truths she is learning from God's Word.

This is the kind of friend, who tarries with me in conversation, never making me feel like I am TOO MUCH or NOT ENOUGH. She accepts me, as I am.

This is the kind of friend, who thinks I am special and lets me know in 100 ways.

This is the kind of friend, who loves to read as much as I do! She also loves Jesus, her family, home and Bible study--and makes me want to be fully committed and growing better in all of that.

This is the kind of friend, who prays with me.

This is the kind of friend, who rooms with me---even though I sometimes snore.

This is the kind of friend, who teaches me new thing, like knitting.

This is the kind of friend, who will take time away from her very busy schedule homeschooling, being a student in seminary, wife, mother and a host of other things and spend it with me--without a hurry or care. Just unrushed time, as friends.

This is the kind of friend, who will spend the day with me at a French flea market.

This is the kind of friend, who will take her mother's knitted project that didn't quite turn out, take it apart and restitch it--giving it as a gift to her mom this past Christmas. I told her, she is just like Jesus-making all things new. How beautiful.

Isn't this just beautiful?? I read these with no conviction whatsoever because I know Joanne's heart. I read this with more of a challenge. I read this wanting to be more like Joanne.

Take some time and swallow these and see where Joanne is in your life.

There is so much to say about what Jo is teaching me, but for now.....I just know I want to be more like her!

And we all shout HALLELUJAH! for what He is doing in her life right now. In all of our lives!


HIS Child said...

Love you Frannie,

I have been praying for Joanne form the moment I received our Mama Siesta's twitter request.
I did not get to meet Joanne at the Siesta Fiesta.
I went solo from So. Cal and it was a time that the Lord used to grow me in many ways.
I have been consumed with the follow up twitter reports from Toben and have shouted out to Jesus as HE shows His glory in Joanne's life. How He used Joanne's situation to ignite a passion in His daughters.
I pray that you and your family are well, and by the way your post about your son's have encouraged me to do the same with our boy. Freshman in High School, mid terms this week and trying out and making the JV Baseball team. A lot going on and time spent together is critical.
Much love to you,
Celeste Hill

ocean mommy said...

Oh Fran. When I read Holly's post it began to stir in my heart. God used it to confirm what I "knew" in my heart He was asking me to do. Long story, her post made me realize what He was calling me to do wasn't about losing something, but gaining something.

Probably clear as mud, but a longer blog post will be coming soon. :)

love you girl and SO very thankful to have walked this journey with our Siesta's.


Ang Baylis said...

This was SOOOOO sweet! Everyone needs a friend like Joanne! It was convicting to say the least. I want to be like her, too! Thank you for this post. I've missed your blog!
Angie xoxo

Andrea Sahs said...

Joanne is also the kind of person who, even though she hardly knows you, will take the time to comment and talk to you as though you are her oldest friend....:)

Andrea Sahs said...

PS....I KNOW God is using Joanne and this situation for HIS GLORY! She will wake up and tell us of the conversations she has had with Jesus...

Holly said...

I could have added 100 more things about Joanne....maybe even more.

But how about this...

Fran is the kind of friend, who prays for my husband when he loses his job.

Fran is the kind of friend, who sends not just a little, but a lot in the mail to help us through our hard time.

Fran is the kind of friend, who checks in just to see how you are doing.

Fran is the kind of friend, who will laugh with you, cry with you or just sit in silence.

Fran is the kind of friend, who after her friend Joanne has a stroke (which happend on the treadmill), will get on her treadmill immediately after and let Joanne know she is keeping it up and praying for her.

Truthfully Fran? I have just made friends with my treadmill again. I have been so mad at it. Silly, I know. But friend Fran? I think you are farther down the road than you know.

So glad to know you, to call you friend and to sharpen one another in Jesus' name together.


Fran said...

Oh Holly.....I'm a mess. You just never know what we are doing for someone until they remind us. THANK YOU for loving like Jesus. You are simply beautiful and it is PURE JOY to walk this out with you. I love you Holly. My heart is just gonna explode.

connorcolesmom said...

What a beautiful reminder of true friendship and Christ-likeness Joanne has shown us. Although I also see it in you, Holly, and so many others friends as we have walked this road together.
We never know just how much we touch people in our lives through our kindness.
Fran you are a shining example of God's love, joy, and friendship!
So thankful for you!

Shonda said...

I can't get Joanne out of my mind either. I think about and pray for her often throughout the day. Thanks for sharing this.

Ashley said...

You all have me crying...Fran's and Holly's post and all these comments. I'm so thankful to be a Jesus-girl with all of you. I'm just getting to know all of you better and now can't wait to hug your necks in real life. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Fran, you're sweet to my heart, such an encourager. And I already consider you a friend even though we've never met.

I blog so you can get a glimpse into my life as wife, mom of 3 boys, and someone who simply wants to bless others along the way. Have fun and be sweet :)

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