Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank you Jesus it's NOT about me!

Don't you just fall over when the word of God is just new and alive? I have read this verse a thousand times and know it by heart and know full well what it means, but I must be borderline prideful for it to smack me between the eyes! ;-)

No matter what all "I'm doing" for the Kingdom of God, my salvation is not earned by what i am doing and it's not a "who does Jesus love more" contest based on what they are doing.

Yes, I give all praise to Him for what He allows me to walk alongside with Him in, but the focus isn't me...it's all JESUS! It's about what He did...not me. The beauty and fascination of the cross.

Aren't you glad you don't have to earn your way into heaven? We would either all be full of pride because of what we are doing or we would be miserable human beings because we just can't measure up.

There is freedom in Christ Jesus! Praise God and hallelujah!

He just loves us THAT much and we simply believe and receive the love of Christ.


Sheryl Dean said...

When I hear or read the word grace I am bowled over. It brings tears to my eyes.

It is so hard to fathom how much God's grace for me has cost Him. And He graces me anyway.


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