Monday, March 30, 2009

Extreme "Heart" Makeover---Fran edition!

Yeah, that's a corny title, but I'm not kidding when I say that is what the sweet Lord spoke in my heart. So, there ya have it! Blame Him if you don't like it. ;)

Friday afternoon I was on the phone with a dear, now real life bloggy friend, and we were talking about 401 things, but something we talked about is ON ME. STUCK ON ME to be exact.

I'm 2 days away from finishing the Esther Bible study that has been OUTSTANDING and I'm really thinking about where I am compared to 9 weeks ago.

My friend and I were talking about all the Bible studies we have done over the years. We talked about all the learning that we have done. We talked about the amount of time each study takes, including the homework that I joyfully pour over. We talked about the endless hours of digging in the word we have done. But, then we wondered something.....something kind of scary.....

Am I truly different after each Bible study??? TRULY??? Or am I just sort of different??? Where am I on the scale of my heart and mind being radically different because of being in Bible study??? Oh gosh....It took my breath away when I really let it sink in.

Think about all the hours you spend in church, small groups, Bible studies, Sunday school classes. Are you drastically different or you just kind of different. Maybe you are sitting here thinking like I am....."I'm not nearly where I want to be."

I know that I can have just finished the best Bible study ever and then find myself in a situation of some kind and fall right back into the pit of gossip, drama, situations, decisions, attitudes, etc and wonder...."what in the heck? Did I really just say or do that?"

I'm not discouraged by this. I'm encouraged by it!!! It sets my heart on fire actually. It causes me to seek Him more, serve Him more, make a difference more, work more, be an influence more, love Him more, follow Him more.

"Transform my heart, Lord. Settle this wild buck down long enough to truly be changed."

Let's be intentional, friends. TRULY INTENTIONAL. I don't want to waste my time here on planet Earth. Too much is at stake for us to be half way Christians.

1 John 3:20 "for God is greater than our heart...."

Thank goodness He is greater than our hearts. I want an extreme "heart" makeover. EXTREME!!!

Be blessed! Love you much!


BethAnne said...

Preach it to me sister!!!

i AM the person who heard a sermon last Sunday about not sinning in anger and then let the washer/dryer man have it with both barrells on Monday, ya know.

Patty said...

I think this is why God has me doing the Esther study by myself and taking my time. I am usually done by now but this time God knew I would need to take my time. During this study it has been a heart examination and God has brought up things that I didn't know was in my heart and then He has brought up things I needed to confess and ask forgiveness for and He has made me laugh. All manner of things. I have worked most of the morning finishing my homework. :)
May God help each of us to truly love one another and honor each other and think more of each other than we do ourselves.
Love you,

Teri~Facedown said...

Good word Fran.

P.S. My word verification tersin...irony? (You know what my nickname is??) Geeze, you think someone is speaking??

Inksstillwet said...

Yes, I want an extreme heart makeover too! Wouldn’t it be cool to have a reality TV show that focused just strictly on a heart makeover? A spiritual makeover. That would be some inspiration, wouldn’t it?! Especially since we’re studying the fruit of the Spirit right now, I know that we can all be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit living in us! Thank you, Father, that it’s not by our power, strength or might, but by your indwelling Spirit that we can be transformed. I would have to agree, I don’t always see the blasting impact of exploding change in me like I would like to see, but I know that God has worked some mighty miracles in my attitude, mind and heart and is constantly at work on me and in me! Praise Him! Love, Amy

colorfulwoman said...

Hey Fran! Thanks for sharing your heart here. I have something to ponder, I am thinking about this very thing myself. A study I am doing entitled Sonship has opened my eyes to something huge and life changing for me (if I will apply it!) maybe it will help.
Because we are in this tent of flesh until we get Home, we will never overcome the flesh entirely. So, we will battle our flesh until we see Jesus, so no matter what we are doing in study ect. it will always be there rearing it's ugly head. The closer we get to our Christ, the more ugly our flesh becomes and we become more aware of our need for our Savior. The Bible study puts it this way "Cheer up, you're worse than you think you are!" We can take "cheer" in that because we have the gift of repentence. A big view of our sin leads to a big view of our God and the cross, what He has done for us. The key is true repentence and lavish grace as a result which in turn leads to more obedience out of a grateful heart. Does this make sense? You may already have this in your heart, I hope you do, it is sort of an "old" truth made new for me. I have been asking myself, "Do I really repent?" Often my answer is no, but what freedom when we do!

3girlsmom said...

This was good, Fran. GOOD. I'm praying the same thing.
And you rock.

BTW, My word verification is "umpar." It's the hillibilly way of saying "umpire."

Example - "I done got tossed outta the gosh darn game when i was a yellin at the umpar."

connorcolesmom said...

So good
I think for me - I am so on FIRE when I do a Bible study
I make all kinds of "promises" and just know I am going to fulfill them
Then a few weeks later I realize I am in the same boat as before
It is a daily life commitment
And some days are easier than others
Thanks Fran!
Love you

ocean mommy said...

I'm having to chew a little longer on this. :) Good stuff, I tell ya, good stuff.

I just want Him to change my heart, my tastes, my attitude....I feel like until glory it will be a constant transformation...I want it.

Love you girl!

Toknowhim said...

Great post...

I will preface this post by saying that I am still so far from where I want to be in my walk with Christ, but I think for me if I asked the question "are you truly different after you finish a Bible Study?", I may have to say no... maybe a little different but not radically... However, when I look back over the last 10 years and many, many Bible Studies I have taken, and then asked the question again, but with the ending "After the last ten years"... I would say oh, yes I am very different than I was 10 years ago.

Again, I have a long way to go, at work today I just had an awful attitude rise up in my mind for something so trivial... I too need that heart makeover from God.

Blessings, Kim

Latte With Me said...

Sing it Siesta!

I have had both kinds of experiences (change or no change), so I can relate. I like the CHANGE experiences better.

beckyjomama said...

Fran, you always "speak" to me ... always! I am just gonna start startin all my prayers with Dear Lord, what Fran said ...

Love you too, too much!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Very good post Fran! I find that I'm slide back into an area where freedom has been achieved, but I come out of it much quicker remembering what the Lord has taught me.

Mary Lou said...

Very good thoughts...much to ponder on and truer words were never written. There is no point in going to Church, Sunday School, doing Bible Studies IF we don't apply what we are taught and use it for the Kingdom. I am older than you are and as I sit here, your post has really pricked my thoughts...I've been seeking His face and will continue to do so...I want to know what it is that He wants me to do for Him, how is it I can be used of Him. This has been going on for quite a while, I still have no answer. I want to be used and to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren. I am a little frustrated. So I will be pondering on your post sweet Fran. You are sharing your heart and helping His kingdom. Blessings on your week.

Shelly said...

Woohooh woman! Our zealous God does more than we can imagine with a willing heart like that! Wise word ... and thank you for your honesty.

Lindsee Lou said...

I said the exact same thing after The Inheritance finished. The last thing I want it to be is just another bible study, but one that is heart changing. Good thing is, all he wants is a willing, obedient heart. Love you, sister. Enjoy the last week of Esther!

jennyhope said...

This was so good for me. I wonder the same thing. Thank you for all of your words here. I know they were inspired.

annie's eyes said...

We can just hear the thing or we can do the thing! I'm with you--please change my heart, Lord. Help us to transform to Your Likeness. You're such an encourager, Fran. Love, A

His Girl said...

I love that question. How am I different after this study? Lord, please remind me to ask that every single time....


DeeDee said...

Hey Fran...
Thanks for following... :)
I have just finished the 5th week of ESTHER. All I can say right now is WOW.
Excellent post... Thanks for sharing it...
Extreme Heart Makeover....

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