Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My peeps in Nashville!

Last Sunday we skipped church....WHICH ABSOLUTELY KILLS ME.....and headed over to Nashvegas to catch the beloved Titans game. It was a fabulously cool day and felt just like football weather. Here are a few of the pix from the day.

Here we are before we split up as a family. Hubs and oldest had seats on the 5 yard line, 3 rows up. NOT FAIR. Me and the other two had seats on the....not 5 yard line 3 rows up.

If you look closely you can see the super stud himself who didn't play a single minute....
TIM TEBOW!!!!! He is 315 right beside the coach in the khaki pants. He is to the right of him.

This guy totally cracked me up!!! He jumped up no less than 623 times to yell something at someone. He was clean and sober and fine, but totally loving the game and thinking he could be heard. Great entertainment!

How about an upclose picture of a kid drinking hot chocolate. You may thank the 9 year old for this.

This is me and the funniest kid on the planet. He is the infamous 9 year old who thinks he is it on a stick. I love him to pieces. He did have a sweatshirt on. That is why you see the belt that is driving me crazy. ;)

Oh, and here is too cool for school nearly 13 year old. You can see him fighting the smile if you look closely.

And then here is the oldest. He is precious and ever so kind and will be a pastor one day. Maybe. I hope. Or a coach. Or on ESPN.

Crazy kid.

"I can't take it any more mom!"

My fabulous family of 5. I love these guys so much!

Hope y'all are well. Tell me how you are. I really do care.
Hugs and blessings~


3girlsmom said...

1. I just love your people to pieces.

2. T SMILED in the last pic! You must've caught him in a weak moment.

3. C is absolutely handsome, adorable, sweet faced...And he's GROWING UP!

4. I want to put D in my pocket and make him mine. Maybe he will be my son-in-law one day...

5. You should get paid for this post by Under Armour. Y'all are walking advertisements.

6. I'm texting you, tweeting you, and commenting on your blog AT THE SAME TIME right now. Out. of. control.

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Adorable kiddos. Looks like ya'll had a great Sunday together...even if Tebow did not play.


LisaShaw said...

Your family is handsome and of course you are adorable too :) Glad your family had a wonderful time-out (is that football talk? (smile)), day together!

Great shots!


Leebird said...

Hi Fran...your smiling face on your Twitter avatar wooed me to your blog to see what you're all about. I do believe we have lots in common! I'm the working mom of three boys and will be 41 in February. AND...I feel like I'm stuck in junior high half the time. (Doesn't help that I'm a junior high teacher!)
Thanks for sharing your journey on this blog. I'll be back! :) Lee

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